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Lowcostholidays are one of the UK’s leading holiday companies with over 2 million customers. This app was a groundbreaking project - the first of its kind to offer a complete holiday booking experience (flights and hotel) all within the app.

First in the UK

Upon it’s initial launch in July 2014 the lowcostholidays app, designed and built by Brightec, was the first in the UK app store to offer combined booking of flights and hotels from any major travel operator in the UK.

As of February of 2015 the app has been downloaded just over 440,000 times and it has well over 100,000 active users. Most importantly for lowcostholidays, the app’s conversion rate is 5 times greater than the mobile website.

Lowcostholidays report that in just 5 months the app has already paid back 50% of their investment.

The app’s conversion rate is 5 times greater than the mobile website

What the press are saying

The number of trips booked on apps was up a massive 300% last month compared to December.

The Daily Star

What customers are saying on the app store

So much easier than using the online website when your dealing with holidays on your phone.

Charleywebsterclarke - 23 Aug 2015

Easy & convenient app! Info is all there where you need it to be & the prices are the best around!

Hutch staffs - 24 Jan 2015

I enjoyed using this. Quick & easy to find the right holiday for me!

ClareyBelle - 10 Mar 2014

Great app for finding a cheap holiday :-D

M00rhsum - 6 Sep 2015

This app is very complete and intuitive.
Fantastic design too!

joamafer - 30 Oct 2014

Very easy to use, makes booking holidays
so much easier

Jippo123 - 23 Jan 2015

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