Written by Matt Simmonds
Nov 03, 2015

10 minutes with Cameron

We sat down with one of our Senior iOS Developers - Cameron (normally known as Cam)

100% Brighton

Cam claims to be Brighton born and bred. A proud boast that many people dream of but few are of that stock - a pure Brightonian. It's like being a 'made man' in the mafia - 100% Scillian (just think Sussex instead).

However, after further investigation it turns out this is, well, a lie.

Brothers and sisters we’ve all been deceived. Cameron Cooke was born in Norwich. NORWICH.

We almost stopped the interview right there and then. However, we just had to hear the story about the Fisher Price portable cassette player so we begrudingly agreed to continue.

100% Brightec

Though Cam’s Brightonian credentials have been found somewhat wanting, he can brag of being one of the original ‘Brightec shed club’ (they had a secret handshake and everything). 

You see, once upon a time, in a shed in a garden in Southwick - Brightec first started. Surely all the best tech start-ups have some sort of shed heritage?

There, surrounded by spades, plant pots and punctured footballs - Cam was recruited.

Won over by the offer of choosing his own computer setup. Cam wistfully reflects: 

“Andy approached me and I was already in the process of looking for a new job and the offer was too good to ignore. Working locally, with good friends, in a shed... could not wait”

"Surely all the best tech start-ups have some sort of shed heritage?"

‘I love the challenges’

Cam’s Brightec journey may have started in a shed but that certainly hasn’t deterred him one bit. We asked him; ‘what do you love about your job?’

“I love the challenges, the ability to constantly learn and improve and most importantly work with a great bunch of guys. I love my job. Also, Andy is the best boss I've ever worked for by a mile (Andy you can pay me later).”

We can neither confirm nor deny whether Cam has received a raise from Andy since this statement. But, tellingly perhaps, his cat (Peanut) has been seen sporting a rather fetching chest medallion and a new set of gold gnashers.

Fisher Price

Technology and computing have been Cam’s hobby ever since he eagerly dismantled a Fisher Price portable cassette player. It went back together of course (maybe… possibly not).

After his assault on Fisher Price, Cam’s techie passions could only be satisfied by his first PC - a well-weathered IBM 8088 PC with a 20MB HDD. It had ‘an awesome CGA monitor that you could switch between mono, green, orange or 4 colour video mode’. Those were the days.

This tech hobby grew and matured into an accomplished career and Cam is now our main iOS Developer and senior Apple evangelist (he’s a Pink Lady man in case you were wondering).

Favourite App

Cam’s favourite app is ‘Radio Alan’ but, as always with our interviewees, we set him the enticing challenge - If you had a limitless budget, time & technology what is the one app you’d build?’

Without a moments consideration Cam replied: 

“Budget is not generally the problem when attempting to build the perfect successful app, it's having the right idea at the right time. I guess if I had the perfect app idea I wouldn't be talking to you here.”

Put. In. Place.

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