Written by Matt Simmonds
Jun 16, 2016

10 minutes with Dan

We sat down with our new web developer - Dan.

Keep safe Sussex

Somewhere in Sussex, possibly even as you’re reading this, an L-plated car is crunching through gears, reversing around corners and parallel parking ad infinitum. Be warned drivers.

Now, obviously we don’t want to drive you into a state of fear and panic - that’s Dan’s job from behind the wheel. We’re pretty confident he’s a competent and cautious learner. He’s even been heard muttering under his breath ‘mirror signal manoeuvre’ while making his way to the office toilet and ‘check your blind spot’ when he’s making his morning tea. 

Dan’s interest in cars it not just a temporary affair. From a young age anything and everything to do with cars, vehicles in general, has been his hobby.

Watching cars, collecting models of cars, reading books about cars, subscribing to magazines about cars. Cars, cars, cars. Who knows what will happen when he passes his test. Internal combustion? (A little car engineering joke for you there).

From West Yorkshire to Brightec

In recent years, technology has also become a keen hobby for Dan. So, to work at Brightec was an opportunity not to be missed.

‘The possibility to work with the latest technology and the availability for personal learning and development really motivates me’ 

Also, Dan was attracted as much by our team dynamic.

’The opportunity to work within a friendly and vibrant office environment with people who care about what they do is really inspiring’.

Good job, keep on message Dan.

Dan found his way to us via a childhood spent in Halifax, West Yorkshire and study at the University of Huddersfield. 

Along the way, his technological passions were nurtured through possession of the original GameBoy. For a while, he did attempt to break into sports management via the highly addictive game Football Manager. However, the unhealthy combination of immense enjoyment and soul destroying frustration led Dan to a different path, that of web development.

Your app

All our new staff are asked the same teaser: ‘If you had a limitless budget, time & technology what is the one app you’d build?’

Amongst the nonsense spouted by our supposed ‘elite’ team of developers, occasionally a spark of genius emerges and a potentially money-spinning idea is born.

Dan may soon be the toast of the town with his simple but brilliant idea:

‘An app to help me when moving address and to organise my move and change of address in one place’.

Wouldn’t that be amazing? You could simply tap a button and now everyone; the gas company, your bank, the milkman, mum and dad, they’d all know you now live in Ulan Bator (perhaps give your parents a heads up).


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