Written by Matt Simmonds
Aug 05, 2015

10 minutes with Ed

We recently took some time to get to know one of our new team members Ed

Troy, Quique & Elton

More than most people Ed is pretty excited right now. Of course, he's delighted to have bagged himself a role as our latest UX Designer (more of that later) but that's not what's keeping him awake at nights.

You see, the mighty Watford FC have returned to the Premier League after an eight year absence, and with the start of the season in its infancy there is a whiff of innocent anticipation in the air. 

Will Troy Deeney be the next Harry Kane? Can Quique Flores guide the club to European Football and beyond? Can they top the Elton John years and actually win something?

Yeah ok, probably not. 

1066 & all that

Watford FC have always been a passion of Ed's having grown up in nearby Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire - famous as the place where the Anglo-Saxons surrendered to William Conqueror following the Battle of Hastings in 1066 (and little else in the thousand years since).

However, Ed’s first love was Airfix. Who can’t resist getting your fingers stuck to the glue tube; then your fingers stuck to your hair; then your hair stuck to your dad... 

All for a tiny Spitfire hanging from a thread ready to attack the next Messerschmitt 109 to fly past (or your sister foolishly invading your bedroom).

Super Mario

A delight in junior modelling morphed into a passion for UX design via a degree in Psychology (with added Music) studied in Durham. This developemental curve was stimulated by an unhealthy addiction to Super Mario World on the SNES (of course). 

Following an initial telephone interview whilst on holiday in Cornwall and some further grilling Ed was brought onto the Brightec team.

Ed comments: 'In particular I'm looking forward to the opportunity to fine tune my UI skills in a mobile environment and also bring some UX research experience into the company workflow.'


As with all our new arrivals we always pose one simple question ‘If you had limitless budget, time & technology what is the one app you’d build?’

We’ve had some interesting answers so far; from Alistair’s holographic call projection app, to Jotham’s cunning plan to trump Spotify (though Apple Music kinda put paid to that) and who could forget Josh’s app to help him remember his wife’s name.

After we managed to prise him away from his favourite app ‘Hornet’s Hive’ (see paragraph 1) we were somewhat surprised as Ed’s proposals seems almost achieveable, perhaps even useful - A comprehensive Japanese language learning app. 

Ed explains: ‘Like many language learning apps it would increase the user’s vocabulary and knowledge of writing systems but also include listening tutorials and be able to simulate natural conversation patterns with the user.’

Let's get cracking on it.

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