Written by Matt Simmonds
Mar 10, 2016

10 minutes with Mike

We took some time to get to know our new Business Development manager Mike Spence

Former glories

Today is a day of deep sadness for Mike, poor Mike…

Last night his beloved Chelsea bade farewell to Champions League football. Perhaps for the last time.

Their last hope of success in a highly disappointing season was extinguished by a superior Paris Saint-Germain team.

Mike (we assume as no-one has seen him yet today) is locked away in a dark closet somewhere, staring gloomily into a bleak future.

Indoor mode

It didn’t happen this way on FIFA Soccer 97 on the Sega Megadrive (played on INDOOR MODE of course).

Here Mike was able to reach right down onto the pitch and control mini, pixelated Chelsea heroes.

Mike alone was responsible for their success and, oh, the glory. Digital Gianluca Vialli, Dennis Wise and of course, Tore André Flo, were propelled by Mike’s nimble fingers to trophy after trophy.

Those were the days…

"Digital Gianluca Vialli, Dennis Wise and of course, Tore André Flo, were propelled by Mike’s nimble fingers to trophy after trophy. "


For Mike football, well sport in general, has long been his passion. Ask him about his favourite app and he'll instantly champion the BBC Sport iOS app.

Seven years in Wales as a child instilled a rugby obsession, but those egg-chasing days were soon put aside when he moved to Brighton and his new school played football and had no rugby team.


This love for sports soon became entwined with a deep passion for electronics & technology.

The first gadget received was a yellow GameBoy which was lovingly cared for (it still works). Then followed an array of games consoles including the aforementioned Sega Megadrive complete with FIFA 97.

As Mike’s hobbies blossomed into vocations he found himself running his own business and now is an integral part of the Brightec machine as our Business Development manager. Mike says:

I love working with the Brightec team & meeting new people all the time.

Go Diego go

When not pretending to be John Terry on the football pitch or pretending to be Diego Costa on FIFA 2016 Mike can also be found pretending to know about cars and furiously tinkering with his 1980s classic Volkswagen Golf. 

Which leads us neatly onto our final question, If you had a limitless budget, time & technology what is the one app you’d build?

Easy. An app that would diagnose the issues a car had simply by recording a video or audio track. Not just for people buying cars but for people who's cars (such as mine) constantly need a little tinkering! 

Get working on it.

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