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Amazon Fire TV App Development

We’re a leading app development agency. After much experience building successful iOS and Android apps we're now branching out into developing Amazon Fire TV applications. We've delivered award winning apps for some of the UK’s leading firms and most innovative start ups.

Amazon Fire TV App Development

Our in-house Amazon Fire TV App development team are vastly experienced in crafting bespoke applications a whole range of devices and platforms. The new developments recently announced by Amazon allow many more opportunities to work on the Amazon TV platform.

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Apps for TV

App development has come a long way in a few short years. From a small range of apps on the early iPhones there are now millions of Apple iOS & Google Android applications for mobile, tablet and wearable devices.

However, the future of app development looks back over its shoulder to embrace television. TV apps for tvOS (Apple TV), Android TV and Amazon Fire TV are the next big thing with Apple now boldly proclaiming that we’re entering a ‘golden age of television’ and the ‘future of TV is apps’.

Make sure your organisation gets ahead of this exciting new trend. Get in touch with us to see how you could embrace Amazon Fire TV.

Our story

Since 2006 we’ve grown to become one of the most well respected mobile application development companies in the UK. We’re based in Brighton with offices in London & Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and with customers all over the world.

Our Android & iOS apps have received hundreds of thousands of downloads. They’ve transformed conversion rates, improved brand reputations, paid back investment and helped our clients get ahead of the game.

Our successes

"Brightec went above & beyond to make a great user experience." The Marine Conservation Society

Making it happen

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