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10 minutes with Josh

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Can he really not remember his wife's name? Meet Josh O’Riordan

No smoke without fire

It is rumoured that Josh was hired by us solely (or at least partly) because of his quite dashing good looks. Admittedly that rumour was started by Josh himself (he’s such a cad), but as they say, there is no smoke without fire.

Andy, who interviewed Josh for the role, is yet to comment. This certainly was not covered in Andy's guide on ‘giving great interviews’. The interview in question (we’re imagining it was conducted under a starlit sky with champagne and truffles) took place a little under a year ago and Josh has been our project manager ever since.

Jazz, soul and funk

Josh is a local lad having grown up in Brighton and now lives in the area with his wife and young daughter. He returned to Hove 2 years ago after brief sojourn in the big smoke to study at London Metropolitan University. Marriage and family life soon followed and seven years later they returned to the promised land.

His early years were marked by a love for music and Goldeneye on the N64. An accomplished trombone player, he performed in a number of jazz, soul and funk outfits in his earlier years and still turns his hands to the bass guitar and a few other instruments from time to time.

These days he'll be mostly found (when not at Brightec HQ) at the park with his daughter, or most mornings he'll be found working out in his local gym.

Environment matters

Josh has been a vital addition to our team. His experience in project management has helped take us to the next level and Josh clearly enjoys being part of the Brightec team.

Ask him what he loves about his job and two words immediately roll of his tongue: "The Environment". We asked him to elaborate and Josh explained: "I love working with a great bunch of people and being given the space to be truly creative and innovative in what we do. It is amazing."

What is my wife called again?

Having praised his project management skills, there is one aspect in which Josh is a little, well.., tardy. So he had a fitting response for our final question - ‘If you had a limitless budget, time & technology what is the one app you’d build?’

“I’m horrendous with remembering names, so an app that could automatically and subtly record and remind me of people's names would be a life saver. I've even been known to get my wife's name wrong on occasion.”

So, an app that helps us to remember our partner’s names. Ok.

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