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Ellie Jones


QA Engineer

Ellie graduated from SOAS University of London with a BA in Politics and Development Studies. A highly observant code reviewer, she loves the process of ensuring quality code is written for all our apps and websites. She has a particular talent for concisely requesting changes. A woman of many talents, Ellie can speak Hindi and was once a bee keeper!

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Blog Posts

Ellie working at her desk Our Code
What is the best way to create a bug report

What you can do to give a developer the best chance of finding the bug, recreating it and thus, squashing it as soon as possible

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A photo of a lady testing the functionality of an app on her phone Our Code
What makes QA so important?

It’s all very well having the best idea for an app, but you’re going to need your final product to match that great idea you had at the beginning. That’s where QA comes in.

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Ellie looking at her screen Culture
What is the point in blogging as a software developer?

Here we explore some key reasons why every Software Developer should blog

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Ellie sitting at her desk Culture
How does it feel to start a new job remotely?

Ellie shares her experience of joining a team that is predominantly remote (for the moment at least)

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