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What is brand consciousness and why is it important?

Mobile app development team at Brightec
Having a brand is fine, but it’s nothing if it’s only a pdf in a folder.

We are a brand conscious company. To those that are also in brand-conscious organisations, that statement means a lot. But to others, it doesn’t mean very much at all.

What are you on about?

I’ve struggled to articulate an explanation of what we mean by brand consciousness. And it seems as if anyone writing about it assumes that people understand what they mean. To try and take a stab at explaining it, I’ve settled on using an example.

Let me tell you a story

Recently, I visited a company whose offices were in a beautiful country manor style house. The building was stunning and the gardens at the front were beautifully maintained. The building spoke of an established and preserved company. One that you could trust and prided itself on its appearance. The outside definitely set my expectations for the type of company I was visiting and how good it was going to be.

Walking through the door that good feeling evaporated. Cheap office furniture, no original features —I’m in a space that says the opposite of the outside. Cheap, temporary, no attention to detail etc.

Starting to get it?

Those offices paint well the picture of why being brand conscious is important.

Our website has some lovely pictures of our studio on it. The best bit of feedback we get is when people come to visit and tell us it’s even better in real life.

Hopefully that makes it a little more tangible, but it only touches on the aesthetics of a company.

Only skin deep?

A good brand needs to go much deeper than the visuals a company puts out. It needs to influence how we interact with each other and how we interact with our clients.

We can all relate to experiences where companies were hugely showy but didn’t deliver on their customer service or quality. That’s exactly what happens when your brand only goes so far.

So what’s the answer?

The reason we use the word “consciousness” is because that is where we want it to live. We want our brand to influence every part of our business and every decision by:

  • Enforcing the things the company values
  • Making sure we understand why we do anything
  • Keeping our long and short-term approach in mind

For our brand to do this we need it to be at the forefront of our minds as often as possible.


Humans learn through repetition. We harness that to keep our brand in our consciousness. It would be mundane of us to recite the company values and mission statements by rote every day. Instead, we reference them whenever possible and in whatever context possible.

We also try to consistently enforce our brand as far as we can. That way it's ingrained into us, both in terms of what it is and how we apply it. It becomes an embedded part of our culture; we aim for it to become ‘just part of how we do life at Brightec’.

Keeping it alive

Companies can fall into the trap of thinking their brand, values and culture are static. They're not!

This stuff lives, breathes and evolves. If you aren’t revisiting it regularly, it loses the ability to reflect who you are as a company.

So what makes us who we are?

Learn more about what makes Brightec Brightec here

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