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The Marine Conservation Society are dedicated to conserving the marine environment. They wanted a ‘pocket guide’ style consumer app to help customers make informed decisions when choosing fish at a restaurant, or at the fish counter in the local supermarket.

The Good Fish Guide is produced by the Marine Conservation Society and helps consumers make environmentally sound seafood choices.

The app - The Good Fish Guide - serves as an index of endangered species of fish in the United Kingdom. The app enables users to make ethical purchasing decisions based on the present sustainability of fish species.

Sustainability is complex

To give consumers accurate and up-to-date information on fish sustainability involves collecting, simplifying and displaying large amounts of constantly changing data from multiple sources.

We were keen to not just accurately present the data but also to ensure that the user experience was maximised. This app needed to be both highly intelligent and extremely usable.

Beginning with the user

The Marine Conservation Society provided us with a series of complicated data-flow diagrams showing the various data sources and patterns the app needed to accommodate.

From here we began by conducting research with potential users of the app. This extensive user research formed the basis of the inception workshop we undertook with the Marine Conservation Society.

Armed with the user research, conclusions from the inception workshop and their complex data-flow we created wireframes ready to design and build the app.

From the inception workshop to the final submission to the app stores, we worked closely with the Marine Conservation Society.

The app has received critical praise from all quarters, including the influential Creative Review

End product

The finished app utilises a simple but clever traffic light system. This provides users with an at-a-glance guide to which fish species are at risk and to be avoided (based on present fish sustainability).

Alongside this, the app includes other features such as sustainable recipes and sustainability ratings for restaurants near the user.

The app has received critical praise from all quarters, including the influential Creative Review

Most importantly the app helps the Marine Conservation Society to ensure that consumers make the right choices, helping to save our threatened marine wildlife before it is lost forever.

"Brightec went above & beyond to make a great user experience. They certainly lived up to all the claims they made in the selection process!"

Kevin Brewer, Marine Conservation Society

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What customers are saying on the app stores

"Brilliant! Which fish to buy - searchable in different formats, sustainability of local restaurants and recipes. Brilliant!"

Hawiemamja 9 Feb 2017

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