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Energy App Report 2019

The UK’s energy market has undergone huge changes in the last five years and is more competitive than ever. Digitally engaged energy customers unlock more business value for energy suppliers.

Energy CTOs not only need to have a well designed, fully responsive website to help customers manage their accounts online, they increasingly need to develop and maintain mobile apps over iOS and Android platforms.

But which mobile technologies are best? What features should they include? And ultimately, what do customers actually want from an app?

In this report, Brightec has analysed the current energy mobile app landscape. In particular, we’ve researched customer engagement via app reviews across the Big Six energy mobile apps, to help challenger energy suppliers understand:

  • Which mobile app technologies are being used and which are delivering positive customer experiences
  • Valuable insights into mobile release cycles, downloads, reviews and app sizes
  • Which particular features customers are engaging with
  • What common problems customers are reporting and why

Our report will help energy CTOs get a deeper understanding of the current mobile app market. They’ll be able to identify key mobile trends and technologies, customer interactions and problems, as well as recommendations about how to tackle these. All of this will help shape and inform their overall mobile strategies.