Our Process

How we make it happen

We specialise in bespoke mobile app development that puts the user first and delivers life-enhancing digital experiences. The most successful apps, those that offer outstanding user experiences and business transforming results, aren't created overnight.

It's all about team

To deliver apps of the highest quality takes outstanding teams.
Our team delivers the best web and mobile solutions. Our agile approach and robust processes allows us to perform to our best on your project.

Teams together

A successful project will also mean our team working hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder with your team. A constant loop of feedback (through tools such as Slack), our Kickoff workshop and regular face-to-face catch ups, helps us establish and maintain healthy relationships with all our clients.

At the centre of our team are your customers

We keep the user, your users, as the main decision maker in the design & development stage, whilst you remain in control of the budget.

At each stage of the project we'll work with you and your users. We'll invite plenty of feedback and use that to shape the ongoing design & development.

Effective user and stakeholder engagement takes excellent communication. Our project team will stay in constant contact with you and your users throughout the project, maximising their user stories to shape a final, outstanding user experience at the heart of your app.

Step by step

When working with you we'll navigate through two phases, with a number of different elements:

Phase 1 - Discover & Define

1. User Groups

Gaining crucial user feedback right at the outset

User Groups have proved highly effective in helping us to understand their needs, potential behaviour and fundamental requirements. An initial user group helps us to ensure a user-centric process and final product.

2. Discovery Workshops

Understanding your requirements, market conditions & establishing relationships

Discovery Workshops helps to better understand your requirements, the marketing offerings of your competitors and the behaviour of your users. These follow naturally on from the User Groups.

3. Kickoff Workshops

Gathering the key stakeholders to fine-tune your project.

Once we've undertaken the User Groups and Discovery Workshops we'll collate the results ready for the Kickoff Workshop. Here the relevant stakeholders from within your organisation will have an opportunity to collaborate with our designers and developers. From this we'll learn how the application will be used and when. In addition we'll ascertain any backend technologies in the applications, how they work and how they would interface with the app.

If necessary, we'll then reissue a statement of work (which you'll have received at the start of the project and undertake further research if required.

Phase 2 - Develop & Deploy

1. Design

Merging the finest user experience with the best looking design

Our skilled UX (User Experience) & UI (User Interface) designers will get to work mapping out the user journey and creating eye catching artwork.

User experience (UX) includes undertaking and collating user research (some of which will have already been received through the User Groups) and creating effective user stories. Using wire framing to plan the navigation and the flow of each screen.

User interface (UI) involves working with your team to deliver correct branding, including style guides and the like to ensure consistency of typography, colour & iconography. Here we'll deal with state handling (errors, loading, alerts etc) and build the asset export ready for our development team.

At this stage, none of the designs are final and user & stakeholder feedback is used to refine and focus the project.

2. Develop

We get under the bonnet to build an efficient and effective app

This phase of the project involves our experienced team of iOS & Android developers. Utilising the latest development code and practices we'll engineer your app to the highest specification. We'll work in an iterative manner to continually release elements of the application. Of course, every piece of code is carefully reviewed via peer review.

3. Test

Ensuring your app is sturdy, suitable and successful

We'll never release a product into the open market without thorough and rigorous testing. Across all applicable platforms and devices we'll ensure your app is not only robust but also impressively achieving all your business goals.

In particular we'll undertake; regression testing, UI testing, automated and unit testing, security testing, penetration testing and load testing.

The full extent of the testing will obviously be budget dependent.

4. Deploy

Out into the wild

Once the app has withstood our internal tests and external user feedback we'll work with you to get the app out into the open market in line with your marketing timetable.

Getting the apps in the various app stores might some daunting but we'll walk you through the process and advise you on any content you'll need for the stores.

5. Ongoing Development

Continually improving the app, keeping you ahead of all the latest releases and innovations in your marketplace

With the mobile & tablet constantly changing it's so important that your apps evolve at the same pace. Working with us on an ongoing basis will ensure you don't get left behind.

A mobile application requires ongoing development work to ensure it remains reliable and keeps matching the user's requirements. We work with our clients on an ongoing retainer basis, ensuring we can quickly make any changes or additions required.

We would look to agree a monthly retainer amount for your application and define a process for agreeing new development work and tasks.