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Bluetooth App Development

by the specialists in Bluetooth mobile app development.

Bluetooth app development is a highly competitive arena. With millions of apps available in the Apple App Store, making your app stand out from the crowd can be difficult. Our Bluetooth app development team and UX designers incorporate fully functional Bluetooth technology with intuitive design to create apps that are set apart from the competition.

Our iOS, Android and web developers have built successful and award-winning Bluetooth applications for tablet, phone, and wearable devices. Bluetooth app development by Brightec provides the functionality you need and the visual appeal that lends your app to market success.

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What are Bluetooth Apps?

Bluetooth technology is available on most devices we use today. It allows for data to be exchanged wirelessly between mobile devices over short distances. From mobile to web apps, Bluetooth is integrated into our workplaces and homes, making our daily patterns more efficient.

At Brightec, we are vastly experienced in crafting bespoke Bluetooth applications for both Apple iOS products like the iPhone X and Android-powered smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy Edge, HTC One, Google Pixel, Sony Xperia and many more.

Bluetooth Apps by Brightec: The Benefits

Our team works hard to develop iPhone, web and android Bluetooth apps that stand out from the competition and provide real value for the user. The Bluetooth apps we develop include:

  • Mobile apps for people tracking using Bluetooth beacons
  • Mobile apps for Bluetooth devices and low energy wearables
  • Linking mobile apps to the cloud and high-security databases
  • Mobile apps with user controls and privilege.

Our developers create user-friendly, high-performance apps that provide the following benefits to help your business succeed:

Smooth Data Transfer

Our app developers are experts at harnessing the power of optimised standards, tools and procedures for real-time communication and smooth data channelling in resource-constrained environments.

Enhanced Security

At Brightec, we develop secure data exchanges via multi-factor authentication, secure data encryption, and device management.

Low Battery Consumption

We develop applications that allow for on-demand connections and burst transmissions, as well as always-on and power saving modes.

Apps that connect to bluetooth enabled devices

Bluetooth App Development by Brightec

Our team are passionate about pushing technological boundaries to create new and emerging applications that provide value. As a company, we are passionate about expanding the possibilities for Bluetooth through exceptional app development. Regardless of the type or size of your project, we develop the following Bluetooth mobile applications:

Photo of Nick using the UK Supermarket Bluetooth App

Bluetooth Manager Apps

Our developers create Android and iOS Bluetooth manager applications that communicate seamlessly with other Bluetooth enabled devices and wearables. Our Bluetooth manager apps synchronise and display data between different multimedia devices. Communications can range from changing parameters, device configuration, reading data from the devices, and sending data to high-security databases for processing.

Bluetooth Beacon Apps

Beacon development applications can include real time asset tracking, people tracking, location tracking, indoor navigation, visits registrations, and more. We develop Bluetooth Android and iOS applications that can strongly detect Bluetooth beacons, read Bluetooth information, and act based on the application type.

Bluetooth Mesh Apps

At Brightec, we are proud to develop upon mesh technology that allows Bluetooth devices to link together and form a large network. Our Bluetooth mesh applications can communicate efficiently and securely over long distances. They can be developed as either standalone applications or built to link to the cloud software.

Why Choose Us

We work hard on the functionality of our apps to ensure they work seamlessly on a wide range of platforms including Android, iOS, and Web applications. Our applications look and work exactly as you need them to, ensuring you get the most out of our Bluetooth app design.

Our Agile approach, robust processes, and highly skilled in-house team of UI and UX designers and developers, build, test and deliver web and Bluetooth applications to the highest possible standards. We care about every aspect of the process and are continually looking for ways to do things more effectively and efficiently.

Our Successes

At Brightec, we have worked with some of the biggest corporations in the UK such as Google, Ziffit, and Affect Energy. Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of clientele, all who have benefitted from our Bluetooth app development services. With our specialist team at the wheel, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

'Affect Energy felt comfortable with Brightec from the offset and wow have they delivered.'

Affect Energy

'Brightec have been a superb partner over the past few years. They have added so much to our business, and always deliver on the projects.'


'The application is helping our staff perform their jobs better and faster. They rave about it to me informally.'

Morrisons Supermarkets

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We can develop a Bluetooth application that represents your business in the way you want to be represented, strengthening your brand, and boosting your success. Our team are passionate about pushing technological boundaries to create new and emerging applications that provide real value. The wireless transfer and syncing of data make our Bluetooth applications an invaluable business tool. Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your business with Bluetooth app development by Brightec.