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We never want to be perfect, because we love to learn and grow. Follow us on our mission of continuous improvement as we blog about our developments, progress and sometimes failures so that you can share what we learn.

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Annie smiling at the camera with a blue backdrop People
10 Minutes with Annie

Meet our free-spirited designer, Annie

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Jotham and Ben look together at a framework diagram People
The Thinking - How we as a small agency redefined our career framework

This blog is an insight into the thinking behind creating our new software engineering career framework.

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Some of the Brightec engineering team meet to chat Organise
How a small agency is creating its engineering career framework

I love helping individuals and teams grow and succeed and overcome bigger and more audacious challenges. It doesn't happen on autopilot, even with great people. Actually, having the best people makes it an even more difficult, but crucial, endeavour.

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Accessibility icons shown at the bottom of an image showing Dave working Design
How to improve implementation, testing and iteration of UX design for accessibility

The role of a UX designer ensuring a good accessibility experience doesn’t stop at the development stage

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A photo of Ben, Brightec's Product Manager People
10 minutes with Ben

Meet Ben, Brightec’s Product Manager

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A mock up of a mobile app screen with enhanced accessibility features Design
How to use typography, touch targets and spacing for better accessibility

How can UX Designers optimise typography for accessibility?

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UX Designers at Brightec discussing their favourite tools to use, with added accessibility icons at the bottom of the photo Design
What are the best tools for UX Designers to use to create accessible apps

What are some of the thought-processes and tools we use at Brightec to ensure we are meeting, and indeed exceeding, accessibility standards?

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A photo of some of the Brightec team in a meeting with icons for accessibility added at the bottom of the image Design
What opportunities, challenges and tools exist for UX Designers optimising apps for accessibility?

What do we mean when discussing accessibility, what standards do we align to, and why should we and our clients care enough to invest in this?

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