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We never want to be perfect, because we love to learn and grow. Follow us on our mission of continuous improvement as we blog about our developments, progress and sometimes failures so that you can share what we learn.

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Ben and James discussing the continuous support and maintenance of a client's app Organise
How to get the most from your retainer agreement

In this blog we’ll uncover the mystery of retainer agreements; what are they used for and what are the benefits of having one?

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The Brightec Team wearing Christmas Jumpers Culture
2023 in review: Lessons Our Small Agency learned this year

Brightec firmly believes it is possible to experience joy in work and through work. In this blog, we take our eyes off the mince pies for a few minutes to look back at our highlights of 2023.

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Annie smiling at the camera with a blue backdrop People
10 Minutes with Annie

Meet our free-spirited designer, Annie

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Andy is wearing a blue shirt and smiling at the camera, his laptop is in the background People
How CEOs, founders and leaders can take an extended break that benefits you and your company.

How to take an extended break that benefits you and your company

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Jotham and Ben look together at a framework diagram People
The Thinking - How we as a small agency redefined our career framework

This blog is an insight into the thinking behind creating our new software engineering career framework.

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Alistair and Nick working together Organise
The Challenge - Is it useful for a small agency to have a career framework?

We want to articulate our job roles and responsibilities as effectively as our company culture.

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Some of the Brightec engineering team meet to chat Organise
How a small agency is creating its engineering career framework

I love helping individuals and teams grow and succeed and overcome bigger and more audacious challenges. It doesn't happen on autopilot, even with great people. Actually, having the best people makes it an even more difficult, but crucial, endeavour.

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A headshot of Jotham, Head of Product at Brightec Organise
Ask this question to future proof your product decisions

Why asking ‘why’ is vital in good mobile app development

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