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A photo of James working at his desk
What is the most effective way to manage fonts across teams?

Is there an easy way to improve font management across a multi-disciplined team?

An illustration of an artist's mixing board
How to make good colour choices for your mobile app

For non-designers, it can be hard to understand why the process can take so long - surely it’s not that hard to make an aesthetically pleasing app that users will come back to? And isn’t that the most important thing? Spoiler alert: no.

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Illustration of a light mode to dark mode switch
How should dark modes be designed for mobile apps?

And, a lesson in why you should name everything semantically

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Elle using a whiteboard to consider feedback
What is the best way to run user tests remotely?

In light of Covid restrictions, we’ve had to completely reassess how to run user tests to be both safe and effective. Here’s what we’ve discovered so far

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Elle at her desk working on a design file
What are the best tools to use to shape your design process?

This blog briefly explores each of the main design tools we use at Brightec to demonstrate how, and why, they are used.

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Elle sitting at a table thinking
A-Z App Development Jargon Buster

This glossary explains some common app development terms you'll come across when working with us

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An example to answer the question of - What is an Android Spinner?
What is an Android Spinner?

"What is an Android Spinner?" – A common question with a less than obvious answer. In this article, we look at what an Android Spinner is and where it is used.

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HowTo: Sketch Smart Layout for buttons with icons and labels
HowTo: Sketch Smart Layout for buttons with icons and labels
If you haven’t heard, sketch has released their biggest feature since symbol overrides.
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Starting out as a UI/UX Designer
Is a career in UI/UX design for you?

The story of how I recently became a UI/UX Designer at Brightec.

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increasing conversion rates
Taking a checkout conversion rate from 45% to 65%

Updates that make a huge increase to checkout conversion rates.

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Brightec Design
Introducing our new logo
We’ve updated our wordmark, redesigned our icon and redefined our brand colours.
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Material Theme Editor Colours featured Image
Adding Colours to a Sketch Material Theme Library
The Material Theme Editor for Sketch is game-changing, but sometimes two colours aren't enough.
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Design at Brightec
User feedback on a live mobile app

Why do I need to gather feedback through my live mobile app?

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Creating Vector Drawables for Android
We've been busy creating vector drawables for Android using Sketch.
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UX design blog post 1
Bad design is devaluing the UX industry
How to end the cycle of bad design decisions impacting UX
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Brightec mobile app design explains why design is worth it 1
Why is design worth it?
We’ve recently had a few conversations here at Brightec about ‘why’ we do what we do. It's an important question that we often come back to time and time again, and the answer affects every area of our business.
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Mobile app development team at Brightec
What is brand consciousness and why is it important?
Having a brand is fine, but it’s nothing if it’s only a pdf in a folder.
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Asset Prep
How to work best with your designers
The relationship between developer and designer is crucial in any development team. In this article, one of our developers gives his perspective on how they can work well together.
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Design sprint
User knows best
How to undertake effective user testing to help you deliver the best user experience.
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Asset Prep
Assets: the preflight checks
The dull but powerful preflight checks for design assets.
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Sketch Plugins
Three of the best sketch plugins
The top three plugins to improve your design workflow in Sketch.
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Design sprint
Design sprints: Problem solved, design — to do
In design sprints, prototypes are like scaffolding - quickly erected and often a little dirty. Be careful with what you do with them after.
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UXUI Design
Is it a crime to browse design inspiration websites?
It’s certainly not a criminal offence (that we know of) but will it help or hinder to peruse design inspiration websites? Jotham investigates.
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Design Sprint
How Design Sprints changed us forever
We recently ran our first design sprint with a client and loved it. However, it's been the impact on our own business which has been even greater.
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Focus on Iconography
Why is iconography important for eye-catching and effective in-app UX?
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Xcode : Setting up a Colour Style Guide for a project
How to set up a colour style guide for a project in Xcode.
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UXUI Design
Using Personas
We use personas as part of our design to keep the process user focused. For many clients, the persona is a new concept and they’re greeted with a mix of enthusiasm and scepticism. So what are they and how should you use them?
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Design culture
How to create a Design Culture
How we created and continue to nurture a Design Culture at Brightec.
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Brightec Speaking Schedule
Brightec Speaking Schedule
The team at Brightec are regularly speaking at events all around the country (and overseas). We believe it is part of our responsibility to serve the digital community and to contribute back where we have learned a thing or two. If you are around any of these venues or events, please do get in touch.
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The why and how of user research at Brightec 1
The why and how of user research
Is user research a waste of time and money? We explore this issue.
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Spotify v Apple Music  1
Spotify v Apple Music
We take a closer look at some of the interesting design issues that Spotify and Apple Music have been competing over.
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Usability ideas main
Usability Testing
How we use Usability Testing as part of our design process
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Colour ideas main
Focus on Colour
What are the key elements of a good user interface design? Well, definitely colour.
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TV App design basics 1
TV App Design Basics
There are a few things to be aware of when you're designing TV apps
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Android TV Dev ideas main
Building Apps for Android TV

Our advice on designing and building apps for Android TV.

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Tv design ideas main
Four apps maximising UX on Apple TV
We took a look at how 4 different apps make use of new UX & UI opportunities on tvOS
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Default blog image of logo on green
Three UX/UI Beginner Tips
Here are three things I wish I’d known when I first started out in UX/UI design
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Default blog image of logo on yellow
Interact 2015

Ed attended the UX conference Interact 2015 and penned his thoughts.

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Default blog image of logo on blue
UX London
We sent our UX Chief Jotham along to the second day of this year’s UX London.
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Default blog image of logo on dark grey
What we learnt at the UX Brighton event
Last week we sent our roving reporter Jotham (he’s neither a reporter nor a rover, he’s our UX designer but let’s not quibble) to attend his first ever UX Brighton event.
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