What's inspiring our designers this World Art Day 2024

A photo of artwork in Helsinki

To celebrate world art day, we spoke to two of our talented Design Team to find out what’s inspiring them right now to create their best art.

We sat down with two of our Digital Product Designers. Elle has recently been working with one of our biggest clients, conducting user research in order to enhance the user experience of their app, and Annie has just completed a huge rebrand for one of our most historic projects.

But what are their favourite things to do when their imaginations need some added flair?

What's inspiring you right now as an artist?


I find Spring really energising. Beautiful blossoms, mindfully observing the changing seasons, the dawn chorus of birds, and emerging bluebells inspire me to create.

Photos of blossom and bluebells in spring

Being in a new place! I'm lucky to be working and living in Finland this month and nothing resets or inspires me more than experiencing life in a new and (sometimes alien) space and culture. I've been able to do some creative thinking while indulging in the Sauna culture - which is as real as it is cliched, and I now understand why. I've been super impressed with the design of Wayfinding in Helsinki and the apparent significance they place on accessibility in both physical and digital spaces.

A montage of signage in Helsinki
Photos from exploring Helsinki

What do you do when you’re stuck in a creative rut?


I recently discovered the 1BTN radio station. It has a varied mix of music curated by a local station introducing me to artists and genres I'd never have thought of listening to.


Sometimes, I find it helpful to revisit my own work—work that I am proud of, work that is in progress, or work that I put down ages ago and never picked up again. Seeing my achievements brings me back to a previous mindset. Failing that, a good old-fashioned walk always does the trick, especially on a sunny day with a good podcast on the go!

Drawings in various stages of completion

If you could have a coffee with any artist, past or present…


If we’re not talking about visual artists, it’s got to be J R R Tolkien. Otherwise, it's probably Van Gogh; his art is so dynamically alive and magically captures the essence of what he was painting.

J R R Tolkein sitting by a tree

My first thought went to Edvard Munch. I recently visited the Munch Gallery in Oslo, the visit was cut short due to travel complications, and yet I still think about the impact being there had on me. As a printmaker, I'm particularly interested in his stint in the field - I didn’t know he'd made print series before viewing his wider collection (which is vast and varied!).

I'd absolutely love to watch Norman Ackroyd in action, too. His prints make me want to visit the place he depicts, though I've been told his methods are quite risky and bold, so I would watch with caution! But if I could buy any etching, it would be one of his.

A photo of some of Munch's work

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