10 Minutes with Annie

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Meet our free-spirited designer, Annie

Annie doesn’t do things by halves and seeks accomplishment in everything that she does. Her holidays are usually extended trips, staying in one place for a while so that she can learn more about the locals and uncover the hidden gems. She loves that being in a different country, doing everyday things, makes the mundane so much more fulfilling! Far from plane, we think she’s air-mazing.

We can’t imagine life without Annie but she’s only been with the team since March (2023). Some of her first weeks at Brightec were spent working remotely from Japan.

Adventurous Annie began her travelling escapades with an inter-railing trip after college and believes travelling helped her to see how capable she is; discovering an ability to adapt to new places and gain an understanding of the people and places around her.

She dedicates her spare time to a part-time position for a charity and is also a traditional printmaker specialising in etching.

Not to pick a hole

It’s clear that Annie is fascinated by people, different cultures and keeping things interesting. She loves learning and comes alive when seeking ways to create alternative paths to move a project forward.

As one of our UI/UX designers, Annie looks for patterns in user’s behaviour and embraces issues as an exciting opportunity to improve. She is fascinated by what makes features unique and enjoys the challenge of fitting them together for a smooth experience which also looks great.

Annie is not afraid to speak up and take ownership; she cares about ensuring everyone is heard and knows their input is valued.

For someone outwardly so patient and intrigued by the patterns of human behaviours, Annie is surprisingly short with bad drivers and slow pavement walkers. She also can’t stand holes, hates anchovies and ignorant people!

How does someone with so much energy to learn and attention to share across multiple platforms unwind? You’ll find Annie cycling, going to gigs, learning Japanese on DuoLingo, weightlifting or hiking. She’s an advocate for the benefits of physical activity for your mental health and has also set up a book club for Feminist Literature!

It’s a running joke in her family that she can’t go a day without ketchup. But even with Heinzsight we’d hire Annie in a heartbeat.

A job that has it all

Annie has always enjoyed making stuff but her creative streak took a knock at school; having not received any encouragement to continue it as a career path.

A perfect course for multifaceted, and self proclaimed History Geek, Annie studied Liberal Arts and Sciences at University which enabled her to blend History of Art, Poetry, Marketing, German and Biology to build a breadth of knowledge across such varying subjects. The vast mixture and contrasting subjects meant she learnt to pick up different topics and learn to apply them in different contexts. Which is super helpful for someone working across various projects.

One of Annie’s first roles was in Marketing, creating collateral and then marketing digital marketing software, whilst pushing on with her own art and printmaking. But she wanted them to come together somehow.

The Eureka moment came when a friend suggested she explored UI/UX design. Wait? That’s a job?! Oh! So she enrolled in a Diploma in UX Design which tied all her expertise together. As UX blends visual design, psychology, logic it's perfect for our variation seeking Annie.

Find out more about a career in UX/UI design here.

The age old question

Going down in history, our most esteemed question; If you had unlimited time and budget, what app would you create? Naturally Annie had already thought about this.

‘I’d create a time travel inspired app that allows you to set a time to travel back to and then the app UI would change in style and design based on the period of time you enter.

Since time travel isn’t a possibility even with unlimited resources, I’d try to mimic the experience using AR or something. I’m imagining small things like walking down Brighton roads and being able to see what they looked like hundreds of years ago; where people ate, what clothes they were wearing and so forth. I think this would be a really fun design task and I’ve always been a bit of a social history geek. First on the list would be the 30’s, mainly because of my love for Art Deco!’

Click here to follow Annie's adventures in the world of mobile app design.

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