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Fruitmedia are a talented and experienced video production company with a broad range of clients including; Esure, NHS, Nokia and Microsoft.

They wanted to create a prototype TV app for tvOS (Apple TV) and Android TV to showcase their work, explore the new TV app formats and attract new customers.

We aimed to deliver the look and feel of a premium tvOS product that would look at home next to established TV apps such as Netflix, Vimeo and YouTube.

‘The future of TV is apps’

In September 2015 Apple CEO Tim Cook boldly proclaimed that 'the future of TV is apps' as they launched their 4th generation, and by far the more innovative so far, version of Apple TV to great critical acclaim.

Along with the launch of the new Android TV & Amazon Fire TV, the Apple TV (tvOS) is leading the way in reimagining the use of your home television

Many leading organisations are scrambling to get onto the tvOS & Android TV platforms and we’re thrilled to explore the many new app possibilities.


One of the biggest challenges we faced on this app was to maximise the TV screen space available. With most smartphone and tablet apps you’re developing and designing based on the device being no more than an arm’s length from the user.

With TV apps you need to develop for a 10ft distance - the 'leanback' app experience.

Maximising large screens, maintaining high quality imagery and doing this all at a high performance level is a great, yet taxing opportunity.

We documented some of our 'leanback' development experiences here:

Finished product

The finished product includes a selection of key films and showreels for people to flick through and cleverly utilises the tvOS experience to highlight their brand.

As TV apps on Android TV & tvOS (Apple TV) quickly grow in popularity make sure your organisation gets ahead of this exciting new trend.

Get in touch with us to see how you could embrace tvOS.

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