Supermarket Warehouse app

An app that simplified and automated a complex & time consuming process


We were delighted to work with one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK. They were looking for an Android retail application to help optimise some of their internal processes and help them improve their business efficiency.

The app was for a warehouse environment so it had to be easy to use. It included a barcode scanner and needed to efficiently and securely handle internal company data.

The successful app (to be used on tablet devices) needed to speed up and simplify what was a manual (and time consuming process) but maintain accuracy.

Simple yet smart

With a tight deadline, we were set the challenge of building an Android app that could fast-track and simplify a labour intensive, manual process.

The retail chain wanted to simplify their return process for product orders. This involved swiftly communicating from their depot back to their supply base. The app included integration with a bluetooth barcode scanner.

Despite the app being only for internal use within the organisation, we still wanted to maximise the user experience and create an app that would not only simplify a process, but also make it smarter and pleasant to use.

"The application is helping our staff perform their jobs better and faster."

A complete service - from start to finish

As always, we worked with the client throughout the process.

From fine tuning their initial specification, solving development problems, researching and purchasing hardware solutions and finally delivering on-site installation and user training.

We had to solve several challenges during the app development phase. One such issue was the successful integration of a built-in Bluetooth barcode scanner.

We also had to overcome having no direct integration with their database backend, and all of this within a tight project deadline.

Final delivery

We delivered an app that is simple and efficient to use in their retail warehouse environment.

We took the opportunity to add an element of gamification to the app’s scanning process.

Following our training and installation day, they were thrilled with their new app, commenting: 'The application is helping our staff perform their jobs better and faster.'

"The application is helping our staff perform their jobs better and faster. My team rave about it."

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