Ziffit Barcode Scanning App

An attractive, easy to use barcode scanning app


Ziffit are one of the UK’s leading online marketplaces. They thrive on simplicity, offering customers a quick and easy way to trade unwanted household media items. We were tasked with building an app that first and foremost delivered on their company values and offered an easy-to-use barcode scanning app.

Simplicity is complexity resolved

Ziffit are a young, ambitious and fast-growing business that allows their customers to trade in old or disused CDs, DVDs, games, books and more.

They wanted an app that could easily replicate the experience of using their website but with one crucial addition - barcode scanning.

Creating a good UX (user experience) was crucial for this app and something we pride ourselves upon doing with all our development projects.

We believe that a good UX experience (in the final product) comes from the innate customer focus we’ve nurtured within our development team.

For this app, in practice a good UX meant; simplicity, practicality and a pleasing design.

Customer conversion rate doubled when the app was re-launched in Autumn 2015.

Customer conversion

For Ziffit the most crucial goal was to improve their customer conversion rate. The best looking, easiest to use apps count for nothing if they don’t help the company achieve their core goals.

In the previous version of the app (which we built for Ziffit in 2014) the conversion rate was already significantly greater than their website.

However, we were set the challenge of improving the app and it’s conversion rate once more.

In consultation with our client, we spent time analysing the current performance of the app and working through improvements both suggested by Ziffit and ideas generated from within our team.

We were delighted that early reports suggest that the customer conversion rate has almost doubled since that app was re-launched in Autumn 2015

"Everybody who talks about the app says how easy to use it is. Their developers are good in terms of communication and are visible and very open with the work they do."

Ben Edwards, Ziffit

Ziffit Barcode Scanning App
What customers are saying on the app stores

"Very pleased with this app and service overall…Try it out!!"

ZebBalle - 7 Jan 2016

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