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CRM App Development

Managing clients, contacts and crucially, relationships has become an increasingly important part of any large enterprise or organization. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software allows a team to build and manage groups of people through an advanced, scalable and increasingly critical solution.

Our team have lead multiple clients through the design and development process of building and releasing a CRM mobile application. All our apps are built from the ground up, customised to our client’s specific requirements. This means we can build a bespoke mobile app around your unique setup and your specific Customer Relationship Management software. Whether you use Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics or any of the other small or large scale CRM, we can build a unique solution around your requirements.

We specialise in user-centred app development, creating bespoke apps to give you the best result. We have worked with large organisations on all stages of their CRM app development, including design, build and deployment to ensure each app meets the client’s specific needs.

If you are looking for a mobile CRM tool, we can help develop an app solution that enables you to organise and automate your customer relationships from your smartphone or tablet.

Our story

Brightec is a multi award-winning mobile app development company founded in Brighton over ten years ago. Our company exists to prove it is possible to create and operate a long-term, happy and profitable business.

We continually strive for excellence and make it our mission to be a company that customers love working with, and our employees love working for. Our staff have the very latest skills and are experts in their field so that we can deliver the very best digital products.

In our digital age, technology is in a constant state of evolution. We pride ourselves on building strong, lasting client relationships to help businesses navigate this complex landscape and transform their conversion rates, improve their brand reputations and win top industry awards.

Our successes

‘Great service, very professional and most importantly great product! Would highly recommend. Brightec have been a superb partner over the past few years. They have added so much to our business, and always deliver on the projects’ Richard Salt, Ziffit

‘The app works really well and has a clean look and feel to it. Brightec did a great job of giving it a KitchenCraft feel and from internal testing so far we can immediately see how much enjoyment users are getting out of the app’ Tom Chattaway, KitchenCraft