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Cross Platform App Development

Cross platform app development offers overarching accessibility across multiple devices, via a single, unified codebase. It’s efficient, powerful, and one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness.

An illustration of multiple devices linked fed by the same code source.

What is Cross Platform App Development?

Cross platform app development involves developing apps with a shared code base that can be delivered onto multiple platforms. This allows developers to create software that works on both Android and iOS without having to re-write the code for each platform.

Considering both iOS and Android is vital for business success, without it you risk missing out on crucial markets and revenues. Our cross platform app development service allows your business to achieve maximum exposure to its target audience for significant competitive advantage.

Cross Platform App Development Services

Cross platform app development is one of the best ways to optimise your business efforts. As an expert cross platform mobile app development company, we know what it takes to deliver high-performance apps that work across platforms quickly and efficiently.

We develop innovative cross-platform app solutions that deliver superior performance and user-centred results. Our cross platform app development service makes your business more accessible, championing customer engagement and connectedness.

Meet Our Developers

Our developers will work alongside you to develop an app that delivers results, supports users’ needs, and reaches a wider audience. With over 10 years’ industry experience, our developers are experts in their craft and can develop cutting-edge apps that help your business excel.

Our developers utilise the best cross platform app development technologies, such as React Native and Kotlin Multiplatform, to deliver competitive results and develop long-lasting business/customer relationships.

From initial designs through to development iterations, our developers work with you to ensure we produce a cross-platform app that exceeds your expectations.

The Benefits of Cross Platform App Development

Cross-platform apps offer significant benefits that can greatly support your business efforts, build relationships with customers, and future-proof your marketing efforts.

Two phones side by side running on different platforms.

Reach a Wider Audience

Developing cross-platform mobile apps allows you to reach the highest number of users, without alienating sections of your target audience. For example, when you develop an application that works on both Android and iOS, you reach a wider audience than when you only develop for iOS alone. Cross platform app development is one of the best ways to increase your audience reach and build brand awareness.

Brand Consistency

Your brand’s look and feel shapes users’ impressions of your company. It establishes trust, creates connection, and entices users to return.

Cross platform app development ensures that your company is presented consistently across all your marketing channels. This allows for your brand message to be clearly communicated and your image to remain unified.

Brand consistency makes your app more intuitive for users. This supports positive in-app interactions that set you apart from the competition and help your app succeed. All these things reinforce your professionalism, meaning users are more likely to remain loyal to your company for the long-term.

Single code source feeding to multiple sources.

Efficient Development Process

Cross platform app development is generally more efficient than developing standalone apps for individual platforms. This is because cross-platforms apps use a single codebase. Having a single codebase means developers don’t need to rewrite code for each operating system, saving time and supporting a more efficient development process. This is especially beneficial for businesses hoping to get ahead of the competition.

Reusable Code

While building cross-platform applications, developers reuse pieces of code. This significantly increases productivity during the development stage and allows for repetitive, time-consuming tasks to be avoided. What’s more, because cross-platform mobile app code is reusable, it is easy to implement across different platforms.

Easier App Testing and Bug Fixes

During the app development process there are inevitable bug fixes and improvements to be made. This is all part of the process. However, cross platform app development makes this faster as there is only a single codebase to focus on, rather than multiple codebases for multiple applications. It’s simplicity at its best and makes everything that little bit easier.

Cross Platform Apps We’ve Developed

At Brightec, we are proud to work with an incredible array of clients, developing apps that help further business efforts, create connections, and support people in their everyday lives. Our portfolio showcases some of the work we’re most proud of. Have a look to discover some cross platform app development examples.

What Our Clients Say

Our cross-platform applications have supported the work of our clients and added lasting value to their businesses. From travel to e-commerce, we’ve won awards for our apps and we’re proud to support our clients’ success.

Here’s what our clients have to say about the work we do:

‘Passionate and proactive, Brightec are continuously thinking ahead and not afraid to get stuck into some of our biggest challenges; always striving for the best outcome. They approach all projects with a can-do and positive attitude, it’s an easy ride with Brightec.’
Lily Buckley (User Research and Service Design Lead at Virgin Red)
‘I just want to say a very big thank you to all the team for your support in enabling us to launch the iOS and Android versions of the app. You were very supportive throughout the process and we appreciate that as this was new to all of us on [our] side.’
Paula Furlong, LifeSight Ireland

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With a single codebase, cross-platform apps allow for greater connectivity between businesses, their clients, and the devices they use. It is a future-proof approach to app development that fosters long-term relationships between businesses and their users.

If you’re considering cross platform app development, launch your idea by getting in touch.