Exceptional Teams

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'Exceptional Teams' is for leaders of software teams.

As we all grapple with moving our teams to remote working, there are common challenges we are all facing. These calls are a valuable opportunity for leaders of teams to peer-learn.

The Format:

  • 45 min relaxed video call with peers
  • Topics sent our before to allow you to think about the topic
  • Brightec thoughts given on each topic

Upcoming Events

Workplaces, Offices and Physical Locations // Thurs 25th June 10:30 am

45min video-chat conversation on transitioning our teams through the changes that physical locations are seeing.

Past Events

Social Connection // Tues 19th May 3pm

45min Video chat conversation on the topic of 'Socially connecting teams during lockdown'.

Think kahoot!, virtual pub, slack polls, online board games and everything else you can be doing with your team to help keep them feeling connected.

Tooling and Communication // Wed 29th Apr

Tooling - what tools have you recently started using and are finding help your team?
Communication - what are the changes you've had to make?

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