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Mapping App Development

Mapping app specialists

We’re particularly experienced in mapping app development, with skills in integrating Google Maps and Apple Maps to help our clients build the best possible mapping functionality. This includes location, directions, filters, ‘what’s nearby’ and the ability for the user to browse, search, view or share their location. We’re experienced in developing on- and offline mapping functionality to improve the user’s experience.

Brightec takes pride in working collaboratively with our clients to design and develop a bespoke app that meets their exact requirements.Whether you’re looking for an Android or iOS app, our team of designers and developers can help you build a mapping app that meets your specific needs.

Our experience of working across different industry sectors means we’re skilled in providing mapping solutions for a variety of in-app uses, including tracking for sporting events and delivery services; location plotting for restaurants, beaches and vineyards, as well as interactive maps. The Brightec team understand the complexities of mapping app development and are confident in building mobile apps which ensure an intuitive mobile app experience for the user.

Our story

Our studio in Brighton is somewhere we love to be and our clients often join us here to work collaboratively on their projects. We take pride in guiding our clients through the ever-changing technology landscape, working to transform their brand reputation, improve conversion rates and win top industry awards.

As a leading mobile app development agency, we have a specialist team of designers and mobile app developers. Our team keep up-to-date with the latest skills and technologies to remain experts in our field. This expertise, mixed with our drive to build lasting relationships with clients, enables us to deliver the very best digital products with great service.

Every stage of our Agile process is constantly refined to ensure we work as efficiently as possible on each individual project and produce the high-quality results we expect.

At Brightec, we strive for excellence.

‘Working with Brightec has been a very positive experience, and one we hope to continue. We do envisage there being a phase two to this project where we add additional functionality and enhancement to the app, perhaps toward the end of this year. We do see this being an ongoing business partnership.’ Kevin Brewer, MCS

‘They deliver what we want. They advise, and they help us change any ideas when needed. The feedback from clients is that the tools are great.’ Project Manager, Management Consultant Firm