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Mobile App Companies Brighton

Image of Brighton Pier by Rhys Kentish

Brighton and the surrounding Sussex area boasts one of the most successful digital and tech sectors in the UK. An annual turnover of well over £1 Billion means that the area attracts many top customers, companies and talent.

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Brightec office as an example of Mobile App Companies Brighton

Choosing a Brighton App Development Company

Top talent who have grown tired of the hustle and bustle of London often relocate to Brighton to enjoy the sea. As experienced developers find work with great Brighton app agencies. Understandably, top clients follow.

Brighton is less than an hour on the train from London, and for many of our clients, it's a welcome relief to travel South. Who wouldn't want to make a supplier visit that involved a beautiful city like Brighton?

Cost is another factor that can drive customers to Brighton Agencies. The overheads of Brighton are lower than London, so app companies don't need to have as high day rates as their London equivalents. Not only is the Living wage 12.6% lower in Brighton (£9.30 vs £10.55), commercial office rent is more economical too.

App Developers in Brighton

There are many top Brighton app development companies, many of which are close friends. Here is a list of our top picks:

Mobile App Development Brighton

  1. Brightec - We're user-centred Mobile & Web App Developers
  2. Ribot - Digital design and development studio

Web App Development Brighton

  1. DabApps - App Development & Consultancy
  2. Buffalo - Web design, development & branding studio
  3. Graphite Digital - Customer experiences & digital products
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How to find a Brighton App Company

We hope that the list above is enough to get anyone started finding a development company in Brighton. Still, if you'd like to delve further, we'd suggest searching the Wired Sussex member directory. Wired Sussex is an independent membership organisation for digital, media and technology companies and freelancers based in Sussex.

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