Mobile App UI Design

We're experts in mobile app UI Design

Mobile App UI Design

Our design team are experienced in creating effective UI designs for mobile apps and website.

UI design team

We believe that a crucial part of any mobile app development project is effective UI (User Interface) Design.

For the best and most successful apps, design is not simply about looking pretty, it's about leading the user on an enjoyable journey through all aspects of your application. The most effectively designed mobile apps ensure that users come back time after time.

We recognise that designing for mobile & tablet devices (on iOS & Android) is a unique skill requiring specialist designers. You can read more about what we've learned about UI Design here.

UX research and design

To fully complement mobile app UI design, you can't go without a highly effective UX research and design strategy.

Our UX (user experience) designers are experienced in researching exactly what your users need. We don't rely on assumptions. Instead we carefully research and then design UX solutions that allow your user interface to work at its best.

This creates the best possible context for your customers to convert their interest and repeatedly return to your app.

Our successes

"Affect Energy felt comfortable with Brightec from the offset and wow have they delivered." Affect Energy

"Brightec have been a superb partner over the past few years. They have added so much to our business, and always deliver on the projects.” Ziffit

"Brightec went above & beyond to make a great user experience." Marine Conservation Society

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