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Mobile App UX Design

Our mobile app UX designers put users first

Users are right at the very heart of everything we do. We devote huge amounts of time to researching and understanding your users' needs and designing mobile apps that put them in control.

Brilliant, intuitive design is what separates successful mobile apps from those that don't make the grade. UX design is not simply about looking pretty and trendy, but rather leading the user on an enjoyable journey through all aspects of your mobile application.

We are experts in anticipating your users' needs, proactively looking for areas where they may need extra help. We ensure our mobile apps are decluttered, with every button, image and icon essential to functionality.

We also make sure that tasks are offloaded or broken into smaller chunks to make them easier, reducing user effort. You can read about some of the great UX design work we’ve done for our clients here.

Ultimately, we use design to make our mobile apps as user-friendly and engaging as possible. This ensures your users will want to come back to them time and time again.

Designing for mobile and tablet devices (on iOS & Android) is a unique skill requiring specialists. You can read our thoughts on why design is important here. You can also read about why bad design is devaluing the industry here.

UI Design

Alongside Mobile App UX Design, a crucial part of any app development project is effective UI (User Interface) Design. If UX helps users complete their goals, UI helps make that experience enjoyable.

Our mobile UI designers aim to grab a user’s attention and improve their interactions with your app through simple but sophisticated design, blending beauty with functionality.

We consider issues around accessibility, app speed, clear instructions and appropriate fonts to enable a seamless experience. By conducting thorough user-testing, we also pick up on any areas where improvements are needed, continually refining to produce the best possible end result.

Our successes

"Affect Energy felt comfortable with Brightec from the offset and wow have they delivered." Affect Energy

"Brightec have been a superb partner over the past few years. They have added so much to our business, and always deliver on the projects.” Ziffit

"Brightec went above & beyond to make a great user experience." Marine Conservation Society