An intuitive messaging app that paints the full picture

Family and friends love to share. Emails are formal and texts don’t communicate all there is to say. Chinwag messaging makes it easy to send, save and share precious memories or silly off-the-cuff moments your dad might rather forget. Chinwag has been intuitively designed to ensure it is fun to use, interactive and accessible.

Chinwag app on iPhones

Fun, intuitive messaging app

Jomoco Ltd came to us with an idea for an alternative way to message family, friends and colleagues. We approached the project with our customary user-centred approach and built a fun, intuitive messaging app.

To help us understand an organisation’s vision and their needs, we start each project with a Discovery Workshop. We met with Jomoco (the team behind Chinwag) to begin building a relationship with them and to explore their ideas and rough designs. For Jomoco, we were able to strip the app idea down to its core function; Images, people, conversation.

During the workshop, we quickly identified the four keywords that needed to be conveyed; Chinwag should be Sociable, Playful, Witty and Quick (i.e. ‘in the moment’). Our designers used these findings to create the Chinwag brand, choosing colour schemes, fonts and iconography associated with those words.

"A picture paints a thousand words, but you can always add a few more...."

Chinwag app on iphone

Market research helped us identify a USP

One of the main challenges of any new app is to distinguish it from the competition. We recognised the unique key functionality that holds this app above existing competitors; the use of captions to make a photo an intrinsic part of a conversation between users. Through research we identified that it filled a gap in the market, linking social media, image sharing and messaging.

The picture you choose to send is a fundamental element, so we made it easy to take or upload an existing image from your phone. Working with Jomoco, our receptive design team created a series of caption packs so users can play around with personalising each image. From comical to LOUD, you’ll find a style to say exactly what you want. You can also create groups and storyboards, view all your messages in a timeline view and even share a message on social media.

"The app is looking great and has met our highest expectations. It was a pleasure to work with the Brightec team throughout the design, build and testing phases of the project."
Available on the App Store & Google Play Store