A stunning prospectus app for Kings Education

Kings Education is a specialist, high-quality international education group with locations across the USA and UK. Focused on nurturing and developing young people, Kings Education shares the same user focus as we do here at Brightec. To help the team showcase the best education options, we built an innovative prospectus iOS app.
Kings Education app on iPhone

A digital showcase

Kings Education offers general and linguistic education for young people from all over the world intent on studying in an Anglophone environment.

Its impressive printed prospectus provides an important showcase of its courses to potential students. However, the cost of printing and distributing many thousands of these every year was costly and inefficient.

The team wanted to produce a digital prospectus as an iOS app to save costs, improve its presentation and also as a vital sales capture tool.

Kings Education iPad

A multi-service prospectus

As education is increasingly shaped by the digital world, so the marketing of education is evolving too. For Kings Education, an iOS prospectus (for both iPad & iPhone) would not only reduce print costs but more importantly offer an impressive, high-quality showcase of its services.

This innovative prospectus option needed to be available at offline locations (such as education fairs) and be thoroughly interactive.

The agent’s area of the app would allow staff to collect vital customer information whilst on the move, growing its vital database and increasing the chances of attracting new students.

This new prospectus would far out-strip the traditional print versions used by education institutions around the world.

This new prospectus would far out-strip the traditional print versions used by educational institutions around the world.

Kings Education app on iPhone

Unique in its market

As with all our projects, we started by researching the market. What iOS-based prospectuses already existed?

To our surprise, we found very few educational organisations had such an app, and those that did were by and large not very impressive.

In particular, Kings Education wanted to stand out from its competitors. The app needed to have a bespoke and crafted feel but within a tight budget and, of course, with usability as the primary goal.

"If we were ever to develop an app again, we’d go to Brightec, no hesitation."
Marina De Santis, Kings Education

Ease of use is paramount

One of the main challenges was providing a clear and simple UX (User Experience). Any users need to easily navigate through the many different course options - easier said than done.

We pride ourselves on offering a user-focus that permeates all our development practices, so we took to this challenge with relish.

Working closely with Kings Education and its design team, we built a crafted and original-looking design that cleverly, yet simply, navigates through the multitude of course options that they offer.

The finished app beautifully showcases Kings Education and its array of course options. Its simple UX, offline capabilities and built-in sales options sets it apart from competing apps.

Available on the App Store