Partnership transforms digital customer communications through Salesforce

Natterbox Salesforce App Design & Development

In addition to providing developmental support, Brightec was the sole design partner for Salesforce Organisation, Natterbox. We supported the company in transforming the customer experience, and improving data integrity, within Salesforce.

Natterbox (noun): A natterbox is someone who cannot stop talking, usually about nothing in particular. “Spiders is also talking a great deal. You might not be thinking it, but spiders is the most tremendous natterboxes.” – The BFG

The story of the BFG is a tale of dreams and working together, much like the one we are about to share. We could not think of a better way to open this article than with a quote from the BFG, and the very words that inspired the company name, Natterbox!

Put the kettle on and settle down with a cuppa, we’ll take you back to where the story began. A tale of who Natterbox are, and why we loved working in partnership with them!

All About Natterbox

Launched in 2010, Natterbox is committed to providing effective digital customer communications. It supports over 500 organisations around the world to increase sales, improve efficiency, and drive success. Through their work, the company wants to support businesses to cultivate cultures of excellence in the workplace. With remote working the new normal for so many, Natterbox is pushing forwards, trekking new ground and dreaming up fantastic new ideas to incorporate into the world of business.

The Brightec and Natterbox Partnership

Natterbox Salesforce App Design & Development

“By gumbo, that is a squackling good idea!” – The BFG

The Brightec team is always whizzpopping (we really hope you’ve seen the BFG for that reference) with creative ideas. When Natterbox first approached us, back in 2018, we were tasked with a few days of design work to revamp an old app. Our team expanded on the initial design concepts and delivered a product that wowed everyone! Now barely a month goes by without a Natterbox project on the go.

Unlike the BFG, who is famous for eating snozzcumbers every morning, evening, and night, we happily devour a huge variety of exciting projects for Natterbox, effectively conveying their brand in each one. From reviving an existing product, rebranding, to sinking our teeth into their completely new ideas and adding our own to the mix, we love the excitement that comes with starting something new!

How We Work with Natterbox

“Don’t gobblefunk around with words.” – The BFG

Communicating well is just one of the things that has helped our professional relationship with Natterbox flourish. We work closely, sharing an open line of communication via systems like Slack which helps ensure Natterbox can ask us questions when they arise, and we can keep them up to date on our progress in real-time.

Our relationship and mutual trust has grown in such a way that Natterbox now regularly discusses new design ideas or areas they require guidance in with Jotham, Brightec’s Head of Product. We are proud to be their sole design partner for all their products, helping drive more effective communication in business. Natterbox said, ‘Brightec helped us break into the world of Mobile Apps, by helping in the early discussions around the technology involved, as well as considering the design and user experience.’

We know that Natterbox wants to make things simple for their clients, their customers, and their employees. Over the last few years, we have been busy creating web and mobile apps to help make their digital communication more effective and efficient.

Working for a big company like Natterbox, it can be challenging to get the right balance of what to show on the screen. But we always come back to the customer; Apps should be easy to use. We don’t believe in overcomplicating things with confusing language. And this approach extends towards our customers and the relationships we have with them.

Keeping the Customer Happy

“I cannot be helping it if I sometimes is saying things a little squiggly.” – The BFG

Natterbox Salesforce App Design & Development

From automated calls to crackly lines, so many people try to muddle through with frustrating sales calls, or simply hang up. Thousands of people have complained sales calls are not great at connecting with the customer or providing what they need. With our help, Natterbox is working hard to change this.

“Customer conversations are rarely captured and used to ensure an optimal customer experience. This leads to poor sales and service performance, poor customer satisfaction and consequent loss of business.” - Natterbox

Efficient communication is most effective in business/customer service when there are pre-set-up processes that promote good organisation, Natterbox has always gone one step further for its customers.

The Secret to Effective Communication

“Ah-ha,’ said the BFG. ‘Now we is getting on to the dark and dusky secrets.” – The BFG

Through its Salesforce branch, Natterbox wanted to capture and record the optimal customer service process to ensure that everyone received the service they required. So, they asked us to design a system that could record calls and store information for training or monitoring reasons. This software would not only help keep calls on track but would be a great way to improve customer service, train new employees, and track progress. Our teams worked closely together throughout the process, reviewing and adding functionality. Natterbox endorsed ‘Brightec were crucial to the development in addition to the design’.

We are also proud to have designed a suite of options that sit inside of Salesforce. One of these is an interface that enables users to make and receive calls while in Salesforce on their computer or mobile phone, while getting all data about that call pushed back into their company CRM system, saving employees from a mountain of manual admin.

Working Together to Deliver the Best!

“Just you wait to see what I is going to bring about!” – The BFG

Natterbox Salesforce App Design & Development

At Brightec, we are always designing new apps. So, we know better than most how tricky it can be to walk the fine line between beautiful design and an app that is easy to use. It’s all well and good having an app that looks fantastic, but if it doesn’t work for the customer, you can lose business. That’s why taking feedback onboard and making changes makes for a nicer project and a better one!

With Natterbox, we agree it’s important to get that outside feedback, through alpha testers and beta testers, before releasing the products we create to mainstream audiences. If there is one thing that we have learned about app design, it’s that people will often see things we didn’t.

Natterbox have really inspired us in this process by the way they take feedback onboard from their clients, employees, and customers. They are very humble in the way they act on peoples’ requests and use feedback to better their services. We are proud to work for a company who always, truly, puts the customer’s needs first.

Happily ever after?

“We is in Dream Country,’ the BFG said. “This is where all dreams is beginning.” – The BFG

Natterbox projects are always ambitious and we wouldn’t have it any other way! They are an invaluable client and we are privileged to partner with them as they work to employ digital systems, apps, and web apps that will help enhance their services. Natterbox are big dreamers with even bigger ideas.

Next up, we will be creating a content design library for Natterbox. The library will set the foundations for the company’s growth, helping us to consistently apply the Natterbox brand across all products, services, and websites.

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