We helped Numerco stand out from their competitors

Numerco are a UK based, specialist commodity supply company. This app speedily processes vast quantities of data to provide real time pricing and historical charting for the nuclear fuel markets.

Numerco app on an iPhone with illustrations of tab symbols

Too good to miss

The app we built for Numerco is the only one of its kind in the UK app store. It was a challenging project - involving the handling of large amounts of both new and historic data.

To our knowledge, there is no other equivalent app built for smartphone / tablet on any OS in any part of the world. That’s certainly an achievement we’re proud of.

Numerco app chart on an iPhone

'Help us stand out from our competitors'

Numerco wanted a slick, easy to use app that would help them stand out from their competitors.

Although it only has a small user base, the data that Numerco collate on fuel pricing is useful for buyers, sellers, investors and financial analysts.

We’ve become experts at building apps that effectively manage large quantities of data...

Photo of numerco app login screen on an iPhone

A brief enhanced

The original brief was to show pricing charts as simple images that could be pinched and zoomed. We immediately saw the potential for something much more powerful and developed an interactive graph that updates on-the-go and can be searched and analysed to the users delight.

Alongside dynamic charting; it also features a news section, push notifications and a contact page.

The challenge of big data

We’ve become experts at building apps that effectively manage large quantities of data, but even for us this project was quite a challenge. We had to learn quickly about nuclear fuels and invested a lot of time into researching how to speedily and accurately display all the data.

We had to devise a completely new way of displaying the data through tables that could be scrolled both vertically and horizontally. Read more about how we did this here: https://www.brightec.co.uk/blog/uicollectionview-using-horizontal-and-vertical-scrolling-sticky-rows-and-columns

We cleverly designed the table screen to utilise as much of the screen as possible, allowing the user to view the table as large as possible. That meant hiding away some of the menu items and using some really intuitive and groundbreaking navigation techniques.

"Brightec are focused, well organised and have a clear idea of what they want to do and where they want to be."
Scott Lawrence, Numerco

The process - Workshops, sketching, development, feedback, release

As with all our projects, we started by hosting a workshop with the client, and key members of our team.

We interrogated the brief and probed Numerco to understand as much as we could about the users, the industry and vision they had had for the app.

We sketched some early proposals, took copious notes and quickly built up our initial thoughts and ideas that we verified with Numerco to ensure we were on the right track.

We then started our initial designs, readily and regularly sharing through online tools and keeping Numerco abreast on our thoughts.

Available on the App Store & Google Play Store