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Willis Towers Watson is a leading global professional services company. Its partnership with Brightec stretches over a number of years, during which we’ve designed, built and iterated mobile application solutions for multiple sectors of the business, in particular its complex pension funding system.

AA Income Calc app
AA IncomeCalc app on iPad

Having designed and developed the AAInCome Calc app for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Tablet in 2015, Brightec understood the complexities of the technology WTW uses. This made us the obvious choice to undertake the rebrand required by the business in order to meet their new software branding guidelines.

The original form calculation app was developed to help customers estimate their annual allowance of tax relievable pension savings. It’s a complex area of financial services, with huge amounts of data to process, so the emphasis was on creating an app that was as user-friendly as possible.

"Brightec are an excellent team to work with. They have excellent knowledge in iOS developing and had a very good understanding of our requirements."
Willis Towers Watson
AA IncomeCalc app on iPhone

This latest stage of the project and rebrand involved implementing the new design requirements without negatively impacting the app’s intuitive interface that we’d worked so hard to get right. With this in mind, every design and development decision focused on the end-user to make the app seamless and simple to use.

We understand exactly how important it is to make sure that branding is adhered to and implemented perfectly across every medium. This is especially important when a company rebrands, and so Brightec worked closely with the internal WTW team throughout the project to ensure efficient liaison with their internal design team.

New legislation also meant additional changes to the app, so we worked with the WTW legal department to make sure we were always conveying the most helpful and accurate information to the user.

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