Warehouse App Development

Warehouse app development to improve accuracy and streamline processes

Warehouse App Development

Brightec have built long standing relationships with suppliers and commercial businesses across multiple sectors through our Warehouse App Development process.

Warehouse app development experience

We’re experienced in creating mobile and tablet applications for warehouses, having developed bespoke apps that have helped streamline our client’s warehouse and inventory management.

Before we begin our warehouse app development process, our team of designers and developers visit the client’s premise to see the warehouse first hand and gain an understanding of how their internal systems and process function. This enables us to provide feedback and ideas for how the app we’re building could be used to improve efficiency.

Brightec pride ourselves on providing an intuitive mobile app experience and our clients have reported improved inventory accuracy and streamlined processes accredited to their new warehouse applications.

Whether you need an iOS or Android app to help with your warehouse operations, our mobile app development team can help.

Our story

Brightec understand the complexities of warehouse app development and are confident in building mobile applications to suit each of our client’s needs. Our studio in Brighton is somewhere we love to be and our clients often join us here to work collaboratively on their project.

We have a specialist team of designers and mobile app developers who focus their attention on the end user. Everything is done in-house and every stage of our Agile process is constantly refined to ensure we work as efficiently as possible, with the high-quality results we expect.

Our successes

‘Great service, very professional and most importantly great product! Would highly recommend. Brightec have been a superb partner over the past few years. They have added so much to our business, and always deliver on the projects.’ Richard Salt, Ziffit.

‘The app works really well and has a clean look and feel to it. Brightec did a great job of giving it a KitchenCraft feel and from internal testing so far we can immediately see how much enjoyment users are getting out of the app.’ Tom Chattaway, KitchenCraft.

Making it happen

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