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Web App Design

Two thirds of the global population - 5.18 billion people - are currently connected to the World Wide Web. With its growing influence, it’s no wonder the internet has become a vital part of our daily lives.

Web app design harnesses the power of the internet to deliver high-performance web solutions that connect businesses and their customers.

Illustration depicting Web app design process.

What is a Web App?

Most people have come across a web app before (many without even realising!) If you’ve been browsing the internet on your phone and seen a pop-up to download the mobile app, you’ve been using a web app.

A web app is a piece of software that is accessed via a web browser. It allows users to interact with a business and its offerings in a more dynamic way (something we’re all about here at Brightec). Gmail, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are all examples of web apps and have been built specifically to increase user engagement.

What is Web App Design?

Web app design involves designing applications for websites that deliver a seamless user experience (UX) and compelling user interface (UI) design. Great web app design doesn’t detract from the user’s experience. It enhances it.

You want users to be attracted by thoughtful designs and engaged in the content via its interactive elements, such as audio and visual as well as shopping carts and buttons. Our web app designers focus on implementing these features in a way that draws users and helps them to fulfil the intended purpose.

The Benefits of Web App Design

Good web app design allows businesses to stand apart from the competition while delivering streamlined performance across multiple platforms. Here’s a look at some of the benefits:

Web app dashboard displaying various charts and tables.

Responsive Elements

Web app design is heightened through dynamic interactions. This is called web app responsive design and is what heightens users' interactions with an app. The more users can engage with your app, the better the user experience will be. Responsive elements such as buttons, media, and gamification increase engagement and help your business stand out.

Brand Consistency

Web apps are becoming increasingly popular for business owners wanting to create consistently across all their media channels. This consistency in design, messaging, and quality displays professionalism, increases customer trust and loyalty, and recommends your business to others.

Brand Authority

Every business wants to stand out from the crowd. Good web app design helps establish brand authority by creating an enjoyable user experience. When you produce unforgettable user experiences (in the right way!), you develop trust with your customers, further establishing your brand authority in a competitive market.

Customer Connectedness

One of the primary benefits of web app design is how it connects with your customers. Web app design enables dynamic interactions that simplify the delivery of information to the customer. This supports a smooth user journey and enhances customer satisfaction.

Our Web App Designers

At Brightec, we have a team of highly skilled web app designers. Our designers are experts in mobile and web app design. Their designs are created with a focus on how an application will look and how users will interact with it.

Our web app designers have won multiple awards for their engaging, forward-thinking designs, creating apps for some of the UK’s biggest brands, including Waterstones, Virgin, and Willis Towers Watson. Their artistry and creativity has driven the growth of many of our client’s businesses and we are confident they can support you in your app vision.

Our Web App Design Process

Our web app design process is driven by users. This user-centered approach ensures we deliver a final product that engages your audience and meets their needs.

We work collaboratively with each client so every project process looks a little different but will usually include the following pillars:

Illustration of a desktop with a depiction of circuitry.

User Research

We design user-centered applications by first getting to know your users. When we understand your users wants and needs, we can design apps that are catered specifically to them. User research enables us to clarify the project requirements and saves us significant time during development, ultimately ensuring you receive an app that meets your needs.


Wireframing lets us create a visual representation of a web app design to showcase how it will work. A wireframe is essentially a two-dimensional drawing of an application. It provides a helpful breakdown of an app's features, transitions, content hierarchy, and space distribution (to name a few). This allows you to get a feel for what your app will look like and what the user journey will be like.


This is a visual mock-up of a web application. It looks like the real thing but it doesn’t contain the working code. This allows you to use the app as you normally would while highlighting anything you’d like changed or improved. App prototyping is a great opportunity for our team to discover areas for improvement and work on changes as soon as possible. Ultimately, it allows us to create more effective and optimised applications.

User Testing

User testing is vital for ensuring the usability of the app before real users get their hands on it. We carry out user testing at multiple stages of the app design and development process. This streamlines the design and development process by highlighting any problems early so they can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. User testing saves time and money and means any troubleshooting is resolved before the app is released to your users making sure their experience is positive.

Web App Design Examples

We are proud to design people-driven web applications that deliver results. As a company, we work with many exceptional businesses, designing and developing apps that support their industry success.

Hear from Our Clients

‘Brightec are a fantastic team and a pleasure to work with. They are highly capable and very experienced in following user-centred design methods; always managing to balance user and business needs in the products they build.’
Lily Buckley, User Research and Service Design Lead at Virgin Red
‘The team are great - really thoughtful and switched on but also really kind and open. If we had ideas that they thought would or wouldn't work they were happy to lead us in the right direction, something very much needed from our side.’
Tom Chattaway, KitchenCraft
‘By guiding the business towards a deeper understanding of itself, Brightec succeeded in positioning the brand to align with its core values. The team worked with the client to produce messaging that resonates. They demonstrated both empathy and professionalism, so the engagement was delightful.’
Alistair Wickens, Goscombe Homes Ltd

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