Automotive App Development

Looking for a mobile app for your automotive firm?

Automotive App Development

We’re experienced in building successful & award winning iOS, Android & tvOS applications for some of the UK's leading companies.

Automotive App Development

Whether you’re looking for an iOS app (for Apple iPhones & iPads) or an Android app for your automotive firm - we can help.

We're passionate about building user-friendly apps that maximise each customer's experience. 

We’re skilled in building intelligent apps capable of quickly processing large amounts of data and handling sensitive customer information. No matter how complex your problem we can build an app to help move your business forward.

We've worked with companies like LandRover - Jaguar. Read more about some of our projects here.

Our successes

Since 2006 we’ve grown to become one of the most well respected mobile application development companies in the UK. We’re based in Brighton with offices in London & Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and with customers all over the world.

Our Android & iOS apps have received hundreds of thousands of downloads. They’ve transformed conversion rates, improved brand reputations, paid back investment and helped our clients get ahead of the game.

Our story

 "Brightec went above & beyond to make a great user experience. They certainly lived up to all the claims they made in the selection process." Marine Conservation Society

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