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Clinical Pharmacology App Development

Clinical pharmacology apps strike the delicate balance between promotional value and human touch. Doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of pharma app development to provide optimum solutions to patients.

At Brightec, we develop pharma apps that connect the user to a service, providing value through empathetic design. Our intuitive apps are changing the face of medical innovation in the UK and abroad.

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Pharma App Development by Brightec

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Digitisation and app development has enabled pharma companies to streamline operations and clinical trials, as well as improve patient care and monitoring. At Brightec, we are delighted to be playing a part in its digital innovation. The clinical pharmacology apps we develop benefit:

  • Medical practitioners
  • Drug inspectors
  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacology Experts
  • Clinical Trials

During our years of delivering pharma apps to our clients, we have developed life-changing innovation to patients and specialists.

Clinical Trial App Development

Clinical trials are furthering our knowledge and understanding of drugs for the treatment of various diseases and chronic conditions in humans. iOS, Android, smartphone and other mobile device apps for clinical trials provide an essential link between pharmacology researchers and patients, helping monitor:

  • Subject recruitment and trial finding
  • Imaging
  • Electronic data capture
  • Clinical trial management systems
  • Patient-reported outcomes

Clinical trial apps help patients better understand and track their symptoms and hold enormous potential for future trials and pharmaceutical breakthroughs. Clinical trial apps developed by Brightec provide more accurate data collection, ease of use/functionality, and accurate symptom monitoring. Working closely with our clients, we have developed clinical trial research apps that help further medical research.

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Pharma App Development for Medical Practitioners

Digital engagement and innovation is changing the way medical practitioners provide patient care. In developing pharma apps, we have seen progress in closing the communication gap between doctors and patients.

Our pharma apps are built to suit your needs, whether you require an application to help you run your clinic or a platform to communicate with your patients. Brightec have experience in making virtual care a reality with the pharma apps we develop.

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Segmentum app on an iPad

Pharma Apps for Pharmacies and Drug Inspectors

At Brightec, we develop pharma apps that display complicated data sets in a visually pleasing and simplistic way, helping drug inspectors and pharmacists monitor drugs from production to selling. Our pharma applications expertly store medicinal information, new drug developments, and patient prescriptions using intuitive app design. All our pharma apps are built with medical compliance and data security in mind to help you provide safe and effective care.

Pharma Mobile Apps: Data Storage and Security

Pharma companies generate and store medical data in large quantities, ranging from clinical trial and sensor-generated data to private medical records. At Brightec, we know that clinical pharmacology app development must therefore manage large volumes of data securely.

We understand the need for pharma mobile apps that can diligently manage sensitive medical data while remaining medically compliant. Our team of developers are skilled at building intelligent, interactive, and intuitive pharma mobile apps capable of securely processing large amounts of data. From clinical trial results to pharmacy stockists, our apps can handle your complex data requirements.

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Choosing the Best Pharma App Development Company

Developing pharma apps is an essential element of pharmaceutical technology innovation. Choosing the best pharma app development company can be the difference between the success of your app, or its failure.

Having worked in pharma app development for multiple years, our team of developers can confidently meet your needs for high data security and medical device compliance. If you want a pharma app development company that has worked with leading industry names and developed apps that continue to provide value, get in touch today.

A Brightec Success Story

At Brightec, we are proud to work with many incredible clients, providing industry-leading pharma app development to improve clinical trial monitoring and further pharma tech developments. Over the years, we have developed medical research apps and pharma mobile apps that have helped our clients offer exceptional value and support for their customers.

“Brightec’s process for understanding and designing the app was superb. The programming team was not only clear and concise in development but were excellent problem solvers, often fixing issues I had no idea how to resolve. The design of the final app was clear and intuitive and allows easy further functional improvement.”

Segmentum Ltd

Want to discuss a Pharmaceutical App?

If you are searching for a pharma app development company that builds intelligent apps for the user, look no further. At Brightec, we develop pharma mobile apps that further pharmaceutical technologies, clinical trials, and medical innovations. Pharma apps developed by Brightec are the future. If you want future-proof functionality developed with the user in mind, get in touch today.