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Energy and Utilities App Development

The energy and utilities market has changed rapidly in recent years. With so many new firms out there, companies recognise the importance (and challenges) of nurturing customer loyalty. Customers are all affected by changing rules, new government schemes, lower bills and comparison sites; adding to much greater movement between suppliers.

With this in mind, it’s important to build mobile apps that will enhance the customer journey and add value. Working with Brightec to develop your energy and utilities app will help you to better serve your customers.

An illustration depicting 3 phones with different utilities icons on each of the the screens. A blue water droplet, a yellow flame and a green lightning symbol.

The Benefits of Energy and Utilities Apps

Energy and utilities app development is transforming the industry; delivering high-tech digital solutions that improve modern-day life. We are proud to develop outstanding iPhone and Android energy saving apps. Our apps serve energy and utilities companies (and customers) by providing the following benefits:

  • Transparency and visualisation of energy consumption

  • Real-time updates on energy usage, tariffs, and prices

  • Improved energy efficiency

  • Energy-saving advice

  • Live chat features

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Rich user interface

  • Cross-platform coverage

Energy Monitoring Apps Developed by Brightec

As award winning app developers, we are proud to deliver intelligent app solutions for the energy and utilities industry. Our high-performance applications help companies adopt new communication methods and manage their businesses better.

Whether you work in the power, gas, multiline, water, or utility business, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver apps that serve your customers and support your specific business goals. Our utilities and energy monitoring apps offer.

An illustration demonstrating the development of a users utility usage dashboard.

Intuitive UX and UI Design

At Brightec, we believe apps should make peoples’ lives easier. Through user-centred app development and intuitive design, we build apps that are engaging and easy to use. Our apps are built for and tested by real users.

Scalability to Support Growth

Energy and utilities applications are increasingly in demand. So, it’s important our apps are built to withstand multiple users. We build scalable apps that allow for user and feature growth meaning your app will support customers now, and in the future.

Intelligent Applications

Energy, water and gas prices are constantly changing. Our apps help calculate the impact of these price changes, utility charges, and tariffs automatically so that your customers can take proactive steps to reduce their costs around the home. We are proud to develop intelligent utilities and energy tracker apps that deliver high-performance, customer-led solutions.

Data Security

Data security is extremely important to us. We work hard to safely manage the unique cybersecurity data threats faced by energy and utilities companies and their customers. Our applications can securely collect, process, and store large amounts of customer data so that you can provide a better service. With linked CRM our apps also provide ordering, billing, and online payment options for an integrated customer view.

Why Energy and Utilities Companies Need Apps

App development is taking energy and utilities companies to a whole new level. It’s transforming service offerings, charging customer connectedness, and improving people's everyday lives. Here are just a few reasons why energy and utilities companies can benefit from app development.

An illustration of a phone on a yellow background, with a customer loyalty icon on the screen.

Improved Customer Relationships

Our apps align users’ energy and utility needs with their budget to determine the best solution for their circumstance. Rather than just focusing on prices and tariffs, energy management apps allow suppliers to emphasise the importance of customer relationships by serving individual needs.

Energy and utilities apps learn from customer data to provide features and services relevant to each customer, such as; utility tracking, remote thermostat control, budget monitoring, energy-saving tips, online payments, and more. Home energy saving apps help customers monitor energy usage, keep costs low, and say goodbye to wasteful energy consumption.

A mobile app for energy and utilities enables customers to see what's watt and enjoy a comfortable home without the worry of rising expenditure. By giving control back to your customers, you’re letting them know you care. You’re prioritising their needs and their budget and in return you’re nurturing customer loyalty.

Brand Strengthening

By developing utilities and energy monitoring apps that report on how utilities are being used around the home, users can calculate their potential savings and make proactive changes. With real-time updates, push notifications, and expert tips, customers can learn more and adapt their energy, water, and gas usage to suit their needs and their budget. It’s convenient, informative, and provides real value, which in turn strengthens your brand.

Establish Customer Connectedness

With the help of energy and utilities applications, you can get the attention of your customers. Through push notifications, you can inform them of specific updates, energy or water-saving tips, and new product arrivals as well as promotions and special offers.

What’s more, an app lets your customers connect with you anytime and get their requests fulfilled without delay. It’s customer service at its best. This enhanced connectedness electrifies communication and boosts customer loyalty which only means great things for business.

Support Green Initiatives

With our utilities and energy tracker apps, your customers can take proactive steps to conserve energy and water around the home to support a more sustainable lifestyle. Show your customers you care about sustainability and let our app development spark your company’s move towards green energy.

What Our Clients Have to Say

We’ve developed a whole host of high-performance applications that have supported the business efforts of our clients and delighted their users. But don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients have to say about our work below.

‘Brightec demonstrated empathy as well as affiliation with our values and purpose, were responsive to our requests and delivered on time. The bottom line is that the team at Brightec have delivered in every aspect.’
‘We’ve built a website (to support sales and ongoing service in the energy market) which customers love due to its ease of use and awesome design touches.’
‘We regularly get 5 star reviews ourselves, in no small part down to our online offering.’

Build My App and Better My Business

Our energy and utilities apps support customers' needs; bringing your business into their home. Make better use of your resources with energy app development by Brightec. We can help you meet the challenges of the energy and utilities market so that you stay ahead of the competition.

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