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Native App Development

At Brightec, we develop high-performance native apps that provide our clients with impressive long-term results. Native app development allows our developers to tailor-make applications that make the most of a platform’s capabilities and perform to the highest standards.

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What is Native App Development?

Native mobile app development involves building mobile and web apps for specific platforms, such as Android or iOS. Native apps are developed specifically for individual operating systems and then launched via dedicated app stores, such as Google Play or The App Store.

Native apps are built using the tools and language provided by the platform they are being built for. For Android this is Kotlin (used to be Java) and for iOS (iPhone and iPad) the native language is Swift. Building an app using the tools, languages and APIs provided by the platform ensures the highest quality build for a superior user experience.

The Benefits of Native App Development

The richest of animations, access to all the device’s functionality & features, and easy debugging during the development process are all possible when building native mobile applications. Discover more benefits below.

Access to Mobile Features

Native apps connect directly with a device’s hardware. This provides access to a broad choice of mobile features, such as contacts, camera, Bluetooth, and more. In addition, native apps provide immediate access to new iOS or Android features as they become available.

Improved App Security

Native apps are built for specific platforms and, as such, all app data is encrypted within a single architecture. This significantly reduces security-associated risks, allowing for data collection, storage, and management that keeps user data secure at all times.

Better App Performance

Because native apps are built and tailored to individual platforms, they tend to perform better than their hybrid and web counterparts. Not only are they faster and more responsive, but they can interact directly with native APIs without depending on plugins or WebViews. This makes a big difference for performance-centric apps such as graphic-heavy and games applications.

More Interactive and Intuitive

Native applications are very responsive to user input. As such, they offer a better user experience. What’s more, native apps synchronise the user experience with the specific operating system the app is built on. This creates a natural app flow and allows users to interact with apps using gestures and actions they’re already accustomed to.

Advanced Customisation

Developing native apps means taking advantage of the features within an existing operating system. These features can be customised to build an app that offers improved performance and user experience. What’s more, because there is no need to combine the features of two separate operating systems, there are fewer creative limitations, allowing our developers to create one-of-a-kind solutions for our clients.

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Brightec’s Native App Developers

As an award-winning app development company, we are proud to have a team of exceptional developers. All our developers are passionate about what they do; always thinking outside the box and searching for new, creative ways to meet our clients’ needs.

Our in-house development team has a wealth of experience in delivering bespoke native phone apps for Apple iOS products and Android-powered smartphones. They enjoy the challenge of native app development and everything it offers.

Native app development supports even the most complex projects, allowing for greater customisation opportunities and more creative freedom during the app development process. This allows our team to develop one-of-a-kind native applications that make a real difference to our clients and the lives of their users.

Web, Hybrid and Native Apps: What’s the Difference?

Web, Hybrid and Native apps are all different types of applications developed to serve users in various ways. However, it can be difficult to choose which type of app is best. Let’s take a quick look at the differences between web, hybrid, and native apps to find out what sets them apart.

Web Apps

Web apps are typically cheaper and easier to build than their native counterparts. Built using languages such as JavaScript and HTML5, these apps run inside browsers such as Safari or Chrome, so there is no need to download web apps from app stores.

However, in comparison to native apps, web apps rely solely on web browsers and this can compromise user experience. What’s more, although they tend to be rich in design elements, web apps are unable to access device features and this can affect usability.

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Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are a combination of native and web applications and can be built using web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Hybrid apps can be uploaded to app stores and installed using Android or iOS applications.

The great thing about hybrid apps is they have a very simple development process. Once the code has been written, the app can run effectively on different operating systems.

However, although hybrid apps are typically cheaper to develop, don't rely on browsers, and can be used across platforms, they are slower, have limited UX, and can't be customised as fully as native apps.

Native Apps

Native apps are built to run on a specific platform, either iOS or Android. As such, they must be written in languages specific to their platform, such as Objective-C, JavaScript, and Swift.

Unlike hybrid apps that are built with reusable code, native apps are built with non-reusable code. Each native app is written for a specific operating system, either iOS or Android, to deliver an app experience that users are familiar with.

While the development process for native apps can be more time-consuming than web or hybrid apps, native apps provide a superior user experience, delivering long-lasting results for clients and future-proof performance for users.

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Why Invest in Native App Development?

Native app development provides an engaging customer experience that helps businesses gain competitive advantage, maximise their productivity, and boost sales and revenue. By offering an enhanced user experience, native app development supports an excellent return on investment for businesses in all industries.

If you are committed to delivering a high-quality product and a superior user experience, native app development is for you.

What Our Clients Have to Say

At Brightec, we are proud to develop high-performing native applications for many fantastic clients. The native apps we’ve built have set our clients’ businesses apart from the competition and propelled them into great success. Here’s what our clients have to say about working with us:

‘Brightec has skillfully delivered a fully-functional app, meeting the client's expectations.’
Head of Innovation of TTS
‘Brightec approached us as though they were an extension of our own team, without using a lot of tech jargon. The launch of the app did exactly what we wanted: it brought us another revenue stream and new loyalty customers.’
Commercial Manager, Waterstones

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