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Native App Development

Native, web or hybrid - what type of app do I need?

Native apps

At Brightec, we specialise in creating native mobile apps.

A native mobile application is a piece of software built for a mobile or tablet device. A native app is built using the tools and language provided by the platform. For Android this is Kotlin (used to be Java) and for iOS (iPhone and iPad) the native language is Swift (used to be ObjectiveC).

Building an app using the tools, languages and APIs provided by the platform ensures that your app is of the highest quality and customers enjoy the highest standard of User Experience (UX). The richest of animations, access to all the device’s functionality & features, and easy debugging during the development process, are all possible when building native mobile applications.

Web apps

Web browsers host web apps so they don't need to be downloaded from app stores. They're built using languages such as JavaScript and HTML5 and run inside a browser such as Safari or Chrome.

There's also a new breed of web apps called Progressive Web Apps that blend the functionality of regular web pages and mobile apps. They offer some of the features of native apps, such as push notifications.

While web apps are easier and cheaper to build and maintain that their native counterparts, they still rely on web browsers. Ultimately, user experience is hugely compromised, which should be at the heart of your app development.

Hybrid apps

These mobile apps are essentially a combination of a native app and a web app and work across platforms. They're built using JavaScript, HTML and CSS and run in Webview.

Hybrid app development consists of backend code using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with a native shell that is downloadable and loads code using Webview.

Although hybrid apps are cheaper, don't rely on browsers and can be used across platforms, they are slower, the UX is nowhere near as good as a native app, and they can't be customised as fully.

Native App Developers

Our in-house development team have a wealth of experience in delivering bespoke native phone apps for Apple iOS products like the iPhone 8, and Android-powered smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Edge, HTC One, Google Pixel and many more.

We are passionate about developing native apps that offer the best user experience, more features and the highest conversion and retention rates.

Read about our work with Apple in a little more detail here: http://www.brightec.co.uk/topics/ios and our work with Google Android here: http://www.brightec.co.uk/topics/android

iPhone or Android

Do I really need an Apple iOS app and a Google Android app, surely one platform will be enough?

Android (the Google-built operating system) is on the majority of smartphones worldwide but the app market for iOS (Apple’s operating system for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch) is almost as large as the Android market. As of January 2017, there were 3.5 million Android apps & 2.2 million iOS apps.

Therefore, it's vital for your organisation to be able to offer both iOS and Android apps as part of your market offering.

Our story

Founded in 2006 and based in Brighton, we’ve grown to become one of the most well-respected mobile application development companies in the UK. We've won numerous awards, we've developed apps that have been listed in the Top 10 in various categories in the App Store, and we have received recognition from industry specialists such as Clutch consultants.

Our clients come from multiple industry sectors and include market leaders such as Jaguar Land Rover, The Marine Conservation Society, Morrisons Supermarkets, Willis Towers Watson, Ziffit, KitchenCraft, TrainSplit and many more.

Our successes

"Great service, very professional, would highly recommend. Brightec have been a superb partner over the past few years. They have added so much to our business, and always deliver." Ziffit

"They've delivered everything they've said on time at a cost-effective price. They've completely managed our expectations throughout and delivered on budget on time and done everything they said they would do." Numerco

"There is little they can’t do... I’ve chosen the right company." TrainSplit