An app to revolutionise the train ticketing market

TrainSplit is a ground-breaking rail ticketing service dedicated to saving passengers money. The team chose Brightec to design and build an app that would take the potential of their revolutionary idea and release it to a mass market.

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Users can save up to 65% on their travel

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Underground to overground

Splitting train tickets can bring consumer savings of up to 65% but the process of doing so can be time consuming and confusing. With commuters and day-trippers facing enough delays already, TrainSplit’s automated search scans a vast database and delivers cheap and simple travel options.

TrainSplit possessed a wonderful, and potentially game-changing idea, but without the digital solution to bring their plans to life. They approached Brightec and asked us to help them take their idea from underground to overground. We quickly grasped the full potential of their proposal and it was at once full steam ahead to design and build a first-class app.

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A high-speed service

Building a powerful but user-friendly app, such as the one required by TrainSplit, involves a long journey from initial conception all the way to final release, stopping along the way for design and development sprints, prototype building and plenty of testing. Their app needed to offer a high-speed service, navigating through their constantly updated database to find the best deals for consumers.

"There is little they can’t do... I’ve chosen the right company."
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From A to Z

The TrainSplit app has been through our entire Brightec project process. Knowing that one of the primary challenges was in displaying the many journey options it could return, we knew that a design sprint was the only way to start this project.

We spent five days researching and designing a prototype all ready to put before five real users. It wasn’t until we had confirmed or denied our design assumptions that we progressed.

Time is often spent researching the marketplace but as TrainSplit is a unique, one-of-its-kind app, we focused on user interviews, discerning the needs and behaviour of the app’s potential customers.

All along the design and development journey we’re constantly bringing key stakeholders and users onboard. The development then went through a series of sprints, constantly redefining the priorities in the sprint with the client and delivering real working code at the end of each iteration. At each stage we ran the app through a full suite of automated tests. Rigorous testing ensures that our apps won’t go off the rails.

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