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React Native Development

What is React Native? Native App Development for iOS, Android, and the Web

React Native is the go-to cross-platform app development solution everyone’s raving about. It has changed mobile app development for the better, offering a way for developers to build apps for Android and iOS simultaneously.

At Brightec, we develop seamless React Native apps that deliver high-performance solutions and a seamless user experience. Through responsive design, we attract and engage your audience so that you can enjoy long-term success.

What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework. It allows developers to build React Native apps for Android and iOS using the same codebase. It was first released by Facebook (way back in 2015) and quickly increased in popularity to power some of the world’s leading mobile apps, such as Instagram.

The beauty of React Native app development is that developers can code in JavaScript to build apps for Android and iOS simultaneously. There is no need to master a new coding language bespoke to each platform. This makes the process quicker and allows for developer efforts to focus on creating a superior user experience.

An illustration of the React Native code connecting to two different phone platforms.

React vs React Native App Development: What’s the Difference?

You may have heard people talking about React and thought; React versus React Native, what’s the difference? You’re not alone. Let us set the record straight.

React (also known as ReactJS) is a JavaScript library used for front-end website builds. It allows developers to build all the elements of a website that users interact with.

In contrast, React Native is used to build cross-platform applications (apps that can run on both iOS and Android devices). It uses APIs (application programming interfaces) and native UI (user interface) components to create high-performance mobile apps that deliver a seamless user experience.

React Native builds on the foundations of React. Both encourage reusable components and allow developers to get creative.

React Native logo as an app icon with code.

How Does React Native Work?

That’s a good question and one we get asked a lot as a React Native app development company. Rather than get tied up in the technicalities, we’re going to keep things simple.

React Native is written using a mix of JavaScript and JXL markup code. This means React Native apps can communicate with both JavaScript and native app threads. A thread is a sequence of coded instructions within a programme that tells the software what to do. It’s ultimately what makes an app work.

While JavaScript and native threads are written in different coding languages, React Native works as a ‘bridge’ to connect the two, making communication between JavaScript and native possible. This allows the app to access the device’s native capabilities such as its camera, notifications, and geo-location to offer a heightened user experience.

React Native makes it possible to create intuitive, feature-rich applications across iOS, Android, and Web platforms. It’s a joy for developers and increases app accessibility across platforms without the extra cost.

The Benefits of Native App Development

If you’re looking for a cross-platform app solution, React Native could be just what you need. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Code Reusability

Code reusability is one of the biggest advantages of React Native. It’s what allows native apps to run on multiple platforms. It also speeds up development time as it doesn’t require developers to master new code languages specific to each platform. Instead, pre-developed code components can be reused to achieve the desired results.

Access to a Larger Audience

App development for React Native gives you access to a larger audience because one application can be used by both iOS and Android users. This means the app’s launch can be synchronised and companies looking for app development don’t have to limit themselves to a single platform (thereby limiting their audience reach). It’s future-proof, limitless, and helps you reach and connect with audiences across multiple devices.

Simple User Interface (UI)

React Native app development uses JavaScript to build an app’s interface. This makes the final app faster and more responsive, reducing load times and providing a superior user experience.

What’s more, the component-based approach of React Native allows developers to build apps that have both simple and complex designs. So, whatever you’re hoping to achieve, React Native can help you get there.

Fast Refresh

In development, React Native supports fast refresh which means a developer can make changes to the code and instantly see their changes on any platform. This supports a faster development process as it allows for real-time code changes.

The React Native logo overlapping two different phone platform screens.

Your React Native Development Company

At Brightec, we are passionate about delivering great results via our React Native development services. As a React Native development company, we have over 10 years of industry experience. We know what it takes to deliver competitive Native app solutions that align with your vision and exceed your expectations.

Our team of React Native developers provide forward-thinking solutions that utilise the most up-to-date technologies to deliver competitive React Native applications.

As a team, we are always developing and learning new things. After all, the digital landscape is ever-evolving and it’s our job to keep up. Technologies and devices will change, as will the requirements and desires of your customers, but our hunger for knowledge and our agile approach to app development let us face these changes with confidence.

Discover Our React Native App Work

We have delivered React Native apps for numerous client projects, furthering their success in multiple industries. Browse our work to discover some React Native app examples and see the results for yourself.

Hear from Our Clients

‘The team at Brightec’s commitment to understanding our vision and translating it into a functional and user-friendly app has been invaluable. Their expertise in app development, coupled with a proactive approach to problem-solving, has ensured a seamless and efficient process throughout the several projects we have worked on.’
Andrew Husband, RM Education
‘Timelines were met with precision, and the apps were delivered within the agreed-upon schedule without compromising quality. The attention to detail and thorough testing ensured a polished final product that has been well-received by our customer base.’
Andrew Husband, RM Education
‘I know that Brightec is completely passionate and bought into the project. Customer satisfaction and customer retention have both improved.’
Mark Plowright, Virgin Trains Ticketing

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React Native app development is here to stay. It is rapidly climbing the ranks in popularity and increasingly meeting business demands with the most agile app solutions. We can implement your app strategy and deliver a user experience that goes above and beyond your expectations.

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