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Ticket Booking App Development

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If you want to boost your sales and raise brand awareness, ticket booking app development by Brightec is the perfect solution.

At Brightec, we understand the complexities of ticket booking app development. Our developers can build mobile apps capable of updating large databases, delivering high-speed ticketing services for a seamless online experience.

Developed for Android and iOS, our apps are fast loading, simple to use, and most importantly, created to provide value for the user.

Boost your business with ticket booking apps developed by Brightec

Screenshots of TrainSplit app

Ticket Booking App Development: What is it?

A ticket booking app is a management tool that processes customer service requests in just a couple of clicks. They let users book tickets and make reservations from their devices, while allowing businesses to remotely manage their bookings at any time, via any application. Online ticketing apps cater to convenience.

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Ticket Booking Apps Developed for the User

Statistics show that as many as 84% of eCommerce app users have encountered problems completing a mobile transaction. At Brightec, we focus our attention on the end user, with detailed UX testing to ensure an intuitive app experience. Our developers provide impressive booking app functions, like seamless payment systems, that have been designed with the user in mind.

At Brightec, our ticket booking app development incorporates customer-focused functionalities to ensure an uncomplicated user experience. By making apps for the user, we improve our clients’ customer relationships and sales.

Create more traction with your customers with quality ticketing app development by Brightec

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The Benefits of Ticket Booking App Development for Your Business

Ticketing apps allow business owners to easily monitor their bookings remotely, controlling everything from price drops to timetable changes through one application. If you are keen to take your business digital, there are numerous benefits to developing an online ticketing app, including:

  • Maximising event reservations
  • Providing quality customer service
  • Gaining real-time insights into your business
  • 24/7 ticket booking availability
  • Easy payments

Ticket booking app development offers a massive growth opportunity for your business, opening the door to easy ticket access for everyone.

Take your business digital with our advanced app development.

Ticketing Apps Developed for On-Demand Bookings

Screenshots of TrainSplit app

On-demand ticket booking systems offer a fast service that provides instant gratification to the user. A few great examples of on-demand ticket booking services are:

  • Train ticketing
  • Hotel booking
  • Event booking

On-demand ticketing apps make ordering a bus ticket, opting for food deliveries, or booking a taxi simple and convenient. Your customers want quick gratification and our on-demand ticketing apps provide fast solutions.

In-Advance Ticket Booking Apps

TrainSplit Design Sprint with Nick putting postits on a whiteboard

In-advance ticketing apps let users make appointments or reservations in the future. Businesses that benefit from in-advance ticket reservations are:

  • Hospitality services
  • Travel and tourism
  • Events and entertainment
  • Beauty and grooming services
  • Doctors’ surgeries
  • Hotel booking services.

In-advance ticket booking systems are popular because they help users book ahead of time when prices are often at their lowest and there are more available choices.

“There is little they can’t do…I’ve chosen the right company.”

A Brightec Success Story

At Brightec, we have an excellent team who work hard to deliver results for our clients through design and development. Using our knowledge and expertise as a team, we develop ticket booking apps that help your business succeed.

We recently developed a ticket booking app for TrainSplit, a rail ticketing service in the UK. TrainSplit approached us to develop a train ticket app dedicated to saving their passengers money. Working from their initial concepts, we developed a first-class ticket booking system app that provided a high-speed service to TrainSplit’s customers.

At Brightec, we know that user-centered app design provides exceptional results and we’re delighted to see the TrainSplit app consistently has over 50 thousand users every month. App development done right, always delivers significant business value.

Read more about the TrainSplit ticketing app here.

The Brightec Team: Why Choose Us?

At Brightec, we have a specialist team of mobile app designers and developers. Every stage of our process is constantly refined to ensure we work as efficiently as possible; delivering the high-quality results you expect.

Our team combines exceptional app development with visually appealing design, to help better your business. We are proud to integrate some of the best app features into our development processes. Contact us, if you are ready to discuss expanding your business through ticket booking app development.

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