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User Testing for Mobile and Web Applications

We are proud to build user-centred apps that combine beauty with function. User testing enables us to develop apps from real-world data, based on the behaviours we see from real users. At Brightec, user testing is crucial for optimising the usability and accessibility of our digital applications.

What is User Experience Testing?

An illustration of a user's phone during user testing

User experience testing provides invaluable data on your application and how real users interact with it. It is one of the best ways to analyse the usability of an application and provides valuable insights into identifying any areas of the app that need refining. Testing helps to inform our team on:

  • Customer experience
  • Pain points
  • Future design decisions
  • Reaching target demographics
  • App usability
  • Successes

Humans, and as such, user habits, change and evolve regularly. Thus, technology needs to be constantly adapted and updated to stay relevant and useful. Testing apps on real users informs what we should be changing for the best user experience possible.

Why is User Testing Important?

Our years of experience have proven that we can’t preempt what a user will experience when interacting with our products. User Testing ensures that the products we are putting out into the world aren’t designed based on assumptions or even educated guesses but on real-world qualitative data.

By watching real users interact with the products we have designed and developed (or even apps that we ourselves didn’t create), we can analyse elements of the apps that work well and use this knowledge to inform future design decisions. Testing app usability challenges us in a positive way, pushing our team to think outside of the box and try new ideas based on the feedback.

Is User Testing Good?

TrainSplit Design Sprint with Nick putting postits on a whiteboard

User experience testing ensures your time and resources are invested effectively, so that you can launch, and iterate, a successful application that your customers use and love. Below are just some of the benefits:

Identify Problems: Whether freshly developed, or having been in app stores for years, user experience testing helps identify what can be improved for an app to make it even better. It also helps us measure the results of new feature releases so that we can adapt the app if necessary to better meet the needs of the user.

Save Time and Money: If you want to save time and money, it’s important to get things right and user testing helps you do this. Armed with valuable user insights, you can make changes to your app that meet the needs of your users. It saves time, it saves money, and it ultimately makes for a better application.

Invaluable Feedback: The feedback we receive from user testing is invaluable. We quickly see what works well, learn the areas where we assumed a user interaction would be intuitive but missed the mark, and understand more of what makes people tick. Nothing beats data from real users.

Keep Improving: Technology is always evolving and it’s important we evolve with it. At Brightec, we keep apps current and up to date with customers’ wishes, company changes, and technological advances. Post-release user testing lets us improve our applications and measure the success of new features.

Increase Your Sales: When an app is built for the user, conversion rates naturally increase. Apps that undergo user testing tend to be more successful and experience faster growth because they have been made with real user experience in mind.

“What Brightec offers is the suggestion of how to fix the problems that the users are experiencing. A lot of companies will just show me problems, but Brightec are a team of experts who also know exactly how to fix them.”
Nathan Winter, World of Books

How to Do User Testing the Brightec Way

During User Testing Sessions we observe one user at a time interacting with the selected app. The interviewer from our team will prompt the user and ask questions to guide them as they explore and analyse the app experience.

This user-led focus encourages the user to share their honest thoughts on particular aspects of an application and what they feel is or isn’t working. User-led feedback is invaluable to our team and informs every element of our future design process. We’re always very clear that we are testing the app, not the user!

Step 1: Users

For every user test we carry out at Brightec, we recruit five people. They are selected from our bank of user testers, based on the demographics of our client’s top users. This means we gain valid results to make the most suitable changes to the application.

Step 2: Interviews

User experience testing at Brightec is carried out through interactive sessions. During the ‘interview’, we might ask the user to perform a certain task, such as navigate through the checkout process or find a particular product. As they move through the app, we will ask about their experience; is there anything missing? Does the app work how they expect it to? Is the layout intuitive? We can run these sessions remotely, or in person. Usually our client will be able to watch the user’s onscreen behaviours via videolink.

Step 3: Patterns

After the sessions, we analyse the data gathered by the team members and clients who had been watching. If three or more people reported the same experience, we call this a pattern. Highlighting these patterns informs the design process and our proposed UI or UX solutions.

Step 4: Data

Once analysed, the interview data is collated into a detailed report for our clients, outlining what works and what doesn’t, as well as proposed solutions and improvements from our very own UI/UX designers. We are proud to offer a full-rounded service; being primarily app designers and developers means we are one of the very few user testing companies who can carry out and deliver the proposed changes ourselves.

What Makes User Testing at Brightec Different?

At Brightec, we don’t just employ user testing to highlight an application’s problems, we use the feedback to provide design-led solutions. Within the report, the client will receive custom solutions from our very own UI/UX design team and a framework by which to deliver these solutions to further their success.

What’s more, we deliver these solutions in-house. Providing bespoke solutions and expert guidance from our designers provides real value to our clients as we know them, their brand, the product and their users.

Elle writing on a whiteboard in the Brightec office

Brightec’s User Experience Team

The Brightec user testing team understands and are empathetic towards the user journey. We tackle challenges and suggestions with a creative zeal that cannot be found anywhere else.

With years of experience behind them and specialist attention to detail, our user testing team are good at recognising application patterns and pinch-points, as well as presenting improvement options and implementing changes.

Our team will ensure your app succeeds.

What Our Clients Have to Say

We are passionate about exceeding expectations. Through user centred design we develop intuitive applications that are beautifully designed to meet the needs of the user, every time. Hear what our clients’ have to say below.

“What Brightec offers is the suggestion of how to fix the problems that the users are experiencing. A lot of companies will just show me problems, but Brightec are a team of experts who also know exactly how to fix them.”

- Nathan Winter, World of Books

“The workshop gave us invaluable insights into how customers view and interact with our store.”

- Mike Spence, Retain

User Experience Testing that Gets It Right

At Brightec, we never settle for okay. We strive for excellence. Users inform everything we do, enabling us to reflect on what’s working and what isn’t so that we can continually improve and deliver products that get it right for our clients.

If you want to build an app that resonates with your customers and ‘gets it right’, investing in user testing with Brightec is your answer. Contact us today to get started.