User Testing Landing Page

User Testing Landing Page

User Testing Landing Page

We’re passionate about continually improving the mobile and web apps we develop for a multitude of businesses. User Testing sessions are an essential tool for this.

User-led development

Brightec is proud to put the user experience at the forefront of every design and technical decision we make. Inspired by the success of our Design Sprint work we adopted user testing into our more regular workflow. 

We offer new and existing clients one-day user testing sessions as an opportunity to review what is (and isn’t) working for the users of their app.

User Interviews are a helpful mechanism for getting in-depth feedback about a product and our clients are often surprised by what they learn from these valuable sessions. The results enable us to build a solid backlog to work from when progressing the design and development of our projects.

The studio set-up for these days is deliberately relaxed as we find the best outcomes arise when the user is given the space to interact with the product in the most natural way.

Our team

We have a specialist team of designers and mobile app developers. Everything is done in-house and every stage of our Agile process is constantly refined to ensure we work as efficiently as possible, with the high-quality results we expect. 

Our studio in Brighton is somewhere we love to be and our clients often join us here to work collaboratively on their project.

Our successes

“Brightec offered valuable insight from their experience and knowledge. Our results have shown the work to be profitable. The testing team was brilliant and we’ll continue working with Brightec!’!” World of Books

"Brightec has been a superb partner over the past few years. They have added so much to our business, and always deliver on the projects.” Ziffit

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