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App Design

Led by Users, Delivered by Experts

Brightec specialise in user-centred app design and development. For over a decade, we have delivered award-winning applications to our clients. We attribute our success to our amazing team and our user-led approach to app design.

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What is App Design?

Designing apps isn’t just about creating eye-catching logos and selecting the ‘right’ colours. The primary purpose of app design is to design an app’s user experience (how users’ will navigate an app) and user interface (how an app will look).

Application design is critical to the success of any application and is a vital part of our app development process here at Brightec. These applications could be for iOS, Android, iPad, or the Web.

App Design by Brightec

Making Peoples' Lives Better

Apps are part of our everyday lives. We depend on apps for connection, shopping, entertainment, finance management, work, and so much more. At Brightec, our app design process is led by our commitment to; make peoples’ lives better.

We believe technology should be easy to use and app designs should be intuitive. By simplifying operations, carrying out user testing, and using the latest in design technology, we build apps that add value.

Designing Apps for Mobile, Android, iOS, and the Web

We are proud to be a full service app development company that delivers apps for mobile, android, iOS and the Web. Our apps have won numerous awards and continue to deliver great results for some of the UK’s top brands. Our app design service covers the following areas:

Mobile App Design

We are proud to provide an outstanding mobile app design service. We build intelligent mobile apps for Android and iPhone to the highest standards; providing great value and delivering measurable results.

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iOS App Design

We design responsive apps for iOS devices that work seamlessly and meet the needs of users. From app design for iPhone and iPads, to Apple watches, our team understand the Apple guidelines and how to create apps that look and feel familiar to its users.

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Web App Design

We build custom Web applications that serve users effectively while meeting our clients’ needs. Our Web app designs foster connections between businesses and their customers; helping drive sales and boost brand loyalty.

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Android App Design

We are one of the top Android app development companies in the UK. Our award-winning Android apps have positioned many brands at the forefront of their respective industries. As a team we are proud to develop and design apps for a range of Android models, such as Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and Sony Xperia.

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Our App Designers

“First interactions with users should be designed to encourage lasting connections. Apps must deliver on their promise in order to be successful.” - Business of Apps

An app designer isn’t just responsible for an app’s appearance; from colours and animations to fonts and buttons. They are also responsible for the user’s experience; designing an app’s navigational structure (menus, tab bars, navigation controls, etc) to ensure a seamless user experience.

Our designers work closely alongside our development team to build apps that are both efficient and secure as well as engaging and user-friendly. With a team that works together on delivering user-led solutions, we build apps that go above and beyond the competition.

Adding Value Through UI and UX App Design

We are passionate about designing beautiful apps. Through UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design, we create easy-to-navigate apps that are user-friendly, fast loading, and visually appealing.

What is UI Design?

In order to design apps that are successful, designers must consider the importance of UI (user interface) design. User interface design is what creates that all-important first impression. It encompasses both the aesthetic of an app and the touch-sensitive display where users can tap, scroll, type or swipe. High-level UI design ensures user’s interactions with an app are engaging and smooth. This boosts retention rates and helps bolster brand loyalty.

What is UX Design?

UX (user experience) design focuses on the individual’s experience with an app. It’s all about meeting users’ needs and creating a product that people love to use. UX design delivers a meaningful user experience. It achieves this by serving the emotions, needs, and wants of the user. To achieve meaningful UX design, thorough user research throughout the app build process is essential.

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The Benefits of App Design

Applications often fail or succeed depending on the strength of their design. The benefits of app design below display why it is so important.

Increases Customer Retention Rates

UX app design creates that all-important first impression. When done right, UX design attracts users to an app and engages them effectively. This is critical to an app’s success as it boosts customer retention rates, increases conversion opportunities, and boosts brand loyalty.

Supports Brand Uniqueness

App design plays a crucial role in helping brands stand out. With thousands of apps launched every single day, brands are often competing in overcrowded markets. App design provides a unique visual and user experience that makes brands memorable and supports an app’s longevity.

Improves Brand Consistency

App design is a great way to bring consistency to a brand. Our designers are mindful throughout the design process to create visual elements, fonts, icons, and colours that are consistent with a brand while bringing a unique feel to the app itself. This allows an app to function independently while remaining a recognisable part of the wider brand experience.

Boosts Conversions

A great app design should convert users into loyal customers. Intuitive designs with fast loading times and smooth operations contribute significantly to an app’s success. The better the user experience, the more likely users will convert into customers.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

Beautiful designs speak for themselves, which is why we encourage you to browse our projects and discover some of the applications we’re most proud of! At Brightec, we are delighted to work with incredible clients, delivering powerful applications for iPhone, Android, and the Web. Here’s what our clients have to say about working with us:

‘They are highly capable and very experienced in following user-centred design methods; always managing to balance user and business needs in the products they build.’
User Research and Service Design Lead at Virgin Red
‘We weren’t sure what product we could create with our data or what it could even look like. It was a very agile and iterative process. Their willingness to engage in that process was excellent. They are able to be flexible, which distinguishes them from other competitors.’

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