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App Developers

About Our Award Winning Team

We are Brightec, an award-winning app development company putting users at the centre of everything we do. Our team of experienced app developers build apps across all devices and platforms, delivering thoughtful tech solutions to our clients.

The Brightec team are experts at building accessible digital products that streamline business processes, create connections, and make peoples’ lives easier. The digital landscape is constantly evolving and our app developers help you stay ahead of the curve.

An illustration of an app developer at a desk with a wireframe diagram on the wall.

What is the Role of an App Developer?

App developers are a type of software engineer who specialise in designing, developing, testing, programming, and maintaining applications. These applications can be developed for all devices and platforms, and are made available to users through the App Store/Play Store.

Developers typically specialise in a specific area of app development, for example mobile app development. However, our developers are proficient at developing apps for mobile, Android, iOS, and Web platforms that deliver high performance and unforgettable user experiences.

We’re passionate about learning and sharing our app development knowledge, so our team writes regularly for our blog; sharing everything fromapp development jargon to advice for those just starting out. Whether you’re interested in becoming an app developer or you want to know more about the work we do, our blog is the place to browse.

Brightec’s App Developers: About Our Award-winning Team

We are proud to have an immensely talented team of app designers and developers here at Brightec. Working collaboratively is key to our success; enabling us to create better experiences and deliver apps that exceed client expectations.

Our developers work alongside our talented designers to create user-centred applications that make a difference to peoples’ lives. Experts at their craft and highly qualified, our team strives for excellence in everything they do; delivering apps that deliver results.

How Our App Developers Can Help You

We build software that people love to use. Whether you need an app to help streamline business processes, better connect with your customers, or simplify complex data, here’s how our expert developers can help:

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Deliver Intuitive App Designs

Intuitive app design makes it easy for users to navigate through your app and engage with your business. It is vital for ensuring a seamless user experience.

Our app developers are experts at developing intuitive apps. We carry out user tests to understand what users want and know how to create functional, familiar apps that keep users engaged and satisfied.

The more intuitive your app is, the more likely people will engage with it and stay loyal to your brand.

Boost Customer Engagement and Loyalty

At Brightec, we don’t offer quick fixes or use off-the-shelf technology. We build apps unique to each business and its user’s needs. Through audience research and user testing, we get to know your customers and what they need. Using this information, we can develop apps that meet users’ requirements and provide real solutions to everyday problems. In doing so, our apps boost customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty, helping your business thrive now, and in the future.

Optimise Your Business

From communication apps to project management apps, mobile has become integral to many business strategies. Whether you want to better connect with your customers, enhance in-house productivity, or streamline time-consuming tasks, our app developers can deliver solutions that optimise your processes and boost your competitive advantage.

Increase Brand Awareness

Having an app makes it easier for people to find you and engage with your offerings. If you want to increase your brand awareness and attract a wider audience, our developers will create a high-performance app that serves your business and customers.

Put People First

Everything we do at Brightec, whether for our clients or team, is with a people-first approach. People are our priority and by keeping them at the forefront of everything we do, we’re able to build apps that matter; creating long-lasting connections between our teams, our clients, and our customers.

At Brightec, we take the time to get to know your audience. Through detailed audience research and user testing, we learn about your users wants and needs so we can deliver thoughtful app solutions that make a real difference to their daily lives.

Deliver Real Results

Our app developers are great at what they do and they achieve a lot for our clients! From awesome app store ratings and quality customer feedback to incredible revenue creation and jaw dropping download rates, our developers build apps that get results.

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Discover Our Work

To get a real taste of our work and the results we’ve delivered, it’s best to browse our projects for yourself. At Brightec, we’ve been developing apps for over 12 years and we’ve worked with (and continue to work with) incredible businesses! From finance and ticketing apps to ecommerce and education, we’ve developed it all! Discover some of the projects we’re most proud of.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

It’s one thing for us to rave about our awesome app developers - that’s easy - but the positive feedback we receive from our clients is the icing on the cake. Here’s what our clients have to say about working with our team:

‘Brightec are a fantastic team and a pleasure to work with. They are highly capable and very experienced in following user-centred design methods; always managing to balance user and business needs in the products they build. Passionate and proactive, Brightec are continuously thinking ahead and not afraid to get stuck into some of our biggest challenges; always striving for the best outcome. They approach all projects with a can-do and positive attitude, it’s an easy ride with Brightec.’
Lily Buckley, User Research and Service Design Lead at Virgin Red
‘Brightec integrated with the client’s team, and their flexibility in adapting to the project’s evolution made them a valuable partner.’
Josh Dalby, Engineering Consultancy Company
‘The launch of the app did exactly what we wanted: it brought us another revenue stream and new loyalty customers. Now, the app peaks about 5%-10% of our total e-commerce revenue. Brightec’s delivery brought us that revenue. Our app also won retail app of the year.’
Catriona Morrison, Waterstones

Get in Touch with Our Team

If you like the sound of what we do and if you’d love the chance to work with our team, contact us. We are a team of UK-based app developers and designers and we’d love to share more about our services and discuss how we can help.