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Pension App Development

Pension app development is essential to support changing attitudes towards saving for retirement.

Through our design and development processes, Brightec build pension apps with all the tools users need to successfully manage their pensions. We want to make it easy for everyone to prepare for a healthy, happy retirement by developing apps that give control back to the user.

Willis Towers Watson Asset Liability Suite app on iPad

What is a Pension?

Pensions are a great (tax-free!) way to save for your retirement and secure a comfortable future. There are three types of pension: state pension, personal pensions, and workplace pensions. How much you put into your pension is up to you. However, the earlier you start contributing to a fund, the more financial control you will have over your retirement

Willis Towers Watson LifeSight iOS & Android app homescreen

The Advantages of Pension Apps

Only 1 in 5 people in the UK (22%) know if their pension will be enough to live on. Despite this, a study has shown that only 31% check their pension savings more than once a year. For many, information about their pension feels inaccessible and/or hard to digest. We believe digitisation is essential for overcoming this problem.

Whether checking statements, updating contributions, or making withdrawals, pension apps help users feel in control of their finances. Other benefits include:

  • Allow for self-service
  • Provide users with up-to-date account information
  • Send alerts directly to users with any updates or required action
  • Allow for 24/7 availability so users don’t have to wait for mailed correspondence in order to process any changes to their account
  • Users can seek assistance at any time

Pension Tech Kept Simple

Willis Towers Watson RetireAble on desktop showing graph view

From questions around the ideal contribution figures to what age you can withdraw the funds, pensions can be confusing. It's no surprise that research suggests people want pensions that are easier to understand.

According to the People’s Pension, over three-quarters of people paying into a pension said they would like to see all their savings online in one place. Mobile and web pension apps make this possible.

At Brightec, we like to keep things simple. We think technology should be easy-to-understand, intuitive, and accessible to everyone. Our pension mobile apps make pensions more accessible than ever before, alerting users to their pension status and prompting action for a more secure future.

Take your business digital with our advanced app development.

The Best Pension Apps are Made for the User

Asset Liability Suite on iPhone

Having worked as app developers for over a decade, we know how to take the user’s needs and develop pension apps that work for them. We develop applications that give users high-quality access to their pensions.

At Brightec, the user is at the centre of our working process. We engage in user testing sessions to gain insight from real user experiences. We use their perspectives to refine our apps into a final product that meets the needs of real users.

Built to look and function like mobile banking apps, our pension mobile apps display how much is coming in, where it’s being invested, and the total fund figure so that users always know what they are working towards.

Pension Apps and Data Security

It is essential for us to develop pension apps that securely manage the large amounts of personal and financial data generated. We test our applications extensively to develop and improve data security.

All data related to our apps is encrypted to ensure financial security and privacy. What’s more, our applications time out if users have not interacted with the app for longer than five minutes. At Brightec, we do everything we can to ensure our pension apps are as secure as possible.

Steve and Rhys working on an app design

About Brightec

As an award-winning app development company, we are experienced in delivering high-quality, innovative apps for people and businesses around the UK. We build apps that work seamlessly on a range of platforms including Android, iOS, and Web applications.

Our team is continually innovating, developing new ideas, and expanding their own knowledge. This quest for knowledge keeps the Brightec team growing, moving forwards, and providing an unrivalled app development service.

Our Pension App Experience

We are extremely pleased to work with fantastic clients, developing intuitive pension apps that provide easier access to savings, integrate with online portals, and offer personalised communications. Check out the LifeSight pension app we developed for an example of what we can achieve.

Check out what our clients have to say about our work below.

“Everybody who talks about the app says how easy to use it is. Their developers are good in terms of communication and are visible and open with the work they do.”
- Ben Edwards, Ziffit

“They know apps inside and out. Their excellent project management skills build trust and confidence, resulting in Brightec feeling like part of the team.”
Tom Chattaway, Kitchencraft

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We develop user-friendly pension apps that help people take control of their finances for a secure future. Our team is proud to support you through the app development process, from the initial idea through to design, development, and refinement, before release into the world. Connect with your users and provide value with pension apps developed by Brightec.