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We've built successful & award winning Apple iOS applications for some of the UK's leading firms and most innovative start ups.

Indispensable apps

Mobile applications are increasingly at the centre of our day to day lives and, in many cases, apps have become indispensable. Since 2014 the time spent using apps (by the average user) has nearly doubled.

Apple, with their ubiquitous iPhone, have been at the heart of this digital revolution.

Customers expect business to have an app, and if they can’t access a companies services through an app, they’ll often go elsewhere. Now more than ever, getting your organisation mobile ready is of primary importance

Apple continue to lead the way, with their apps creating four times as much revenue as Android apps.

It is estimated that are now around 2 million iOS apps in the Apple App Store and the app economy looks set to generate revenue of $52 billion in 2016.

iOS specialists

Our in-house development team includes several iOS developers who are vastly experienced in crafting bespoke iOS applications for Apple products like the iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch. 

We've designed and developed apps for businesses from all sorts of market sectors and have worked with industry leaders as well as with budding entrepreneurs. Read our case studies to discover more about some of our recent projects.

Our iOS development expertise allows us to build you the custom application you need for your organisation.

Read more about some of our Apple iOS work here:

"The app economy looks set to generate revenue of $52 billion in 2016."

iOS or Android?

Do I really need an iOS app, surely one platform will suffice?

Android (the Google-built operating system) is on the majority of smartphones worldwide (in June 2016 they were reported to have a 70% share of the smartphone market) but the app market for iOS (Apple's operating system for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch) is almost as large as the Android market. As of June 2016 there were 2.2 million Android apps & 2 million iOS apps.

With the recent launch of the iPhone 7 (and iPhone 7 Plus) which is being heralded as the 'best ever' iPhone their influence and market share is set to increase again.

If you already have an iOS application and need an Android app then read all about our Google Android services here.

Our successes

'They have excellent knowledge in iOS development and had a very good understanding of our requirements, which meant that what they delivered was what we required' - Towers Watson

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