3 simple Slack rules

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These simple house rules will help you get the best out of Slack.

A short slack series

This is part of a short series of posts about how we utilise Slack.

Read more about Slack and how we’ve set it up here in the first post 3 great ways to set up Slack

Why rules bro?

WHAT?! Isn’t Slack for the free thinking, strong coffee loving, entrepreneurial spirited among us? Why Rules?!

Because rules can be helpful, in particular for new people entering your team! Anyway, creativity normally flourishes best in a structured environment, at least that’s definitely true in our context.

You may not be aware of it, but the way you speak within your office and internally is probably different to how you speak to your clients and for a new person joining, it can be really hard to know how to engage properly.

This is even more true for those who have come from companies with more traditional business models. Remember, for some this will be the first time they have used any instant messaging within a business environment.

These are the three house rules we’ve set up that have benefited us the most:

1. No one is expected to respond straightaway

We use Slack to let conversation flow, but you can respond at your own pace.

Particularly when working with a team of developers, often with their heads deep into the code, this rule has proved to be releasing and allowed them to focus on the task at hand and use Slack to naturally break up the day.

2. Keep the tone conversational

Feel free to not have to give fully formed answers like you would in an email.

It’s better to keep discussions going and really talk things through. This allows us to find solutions quicker and it’s more fun.

3. If you need them, tag them

We don’t want to inundate people's lives with slack notifications, so if they really need to see something then tag them so they don’t miss it.


In the next post we'll take a look at '5 tricks to get the most out of Slack' and don't miss our first post 3 great ways to set up Slack.


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