8 Observations on the LG G Watch

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We test drove the new LG G Watch - and this is what we discovered.

8 Observations on the LG-G Watch

Here at Brightec we love gadgets. We also love looking cooler than everyone else. Sadly, those two passions don’t often comfortably co-exist, as most new gadgets look like they’ve come out of Doc Emmett Brown’s garage or Mary Shelley’s imagination.

So, it was with some trepidation that we decided to test out the new LG G Watch. Would we get pelted with rotting fruit by snobby commuters on the 8.10 from Lancing? Would the Brighton hipsters mock us with their 1985 Casio F-91Ws? Would the smartwatch actually do anything smart or is it just a glorified F-91W?

1. It’s a watch

‘Well that’s obvious surely?’ Perhaps not; there seems to be a pervasive & growing expectation that all the functionality we’re used to on tablets and smart phones will be available, but now just on our wrists. Well, that’s not the case.

First and foremost it’s a watch. A pretty fancy watch, but a watch nonetheless. Like a watch, it shows you small amounts of information in an easy to read and very clear interface.

2. It’s more than a watch

Have you ever owned a watch that you could talk to? Well, technically you can talk to any watch but not much is going to happen… With the LG-G the voice recognition is excellent and voice replying to notifications is really intuitive.

3. It’s functionality is appropriate and impressive

We’ve already mentioned voice recognition but don’t worry there’s more. Swiping works nicely and should be intuitive to most. The mute function is useful to instantly block out all notifications.

The alarms don’t sync with the phone but it’s quite straightforward to set and adjust them. The docking station is simple and easy to use, though it doesn’t look the best.

4. Great apps!

Apps are what makes any ‘smart’ device come to life. The AllTheCooks app has an amazing interface and collaborates nicely with the phone.

Playing music is a lot of fun: Simply attach your phone to the the sound system and you can play, pause and skip tracks right from the watch.

Navigation is amazing on this device. The turn by turn navigation is spot on and vibrates when you need to turn or when a new instruction appears.

5. It’s not a looker

Though we didn’t get publicly mocked, we won’t pretend it’s a beauty queen.

It’s a little chunky and from time to time catches on clothing, doors, passing vehicles… On the up side - it seems robust and the strap is definitely strong enough. It’s also comfortable to wear and big enough for those of us with plus-sized wrists.

6. It will change social engagement

It very quickly and subtly shifts how you’re engaging with the world and making social contact. Unless you mute notifications they feel much more immediate and in your face. It instantly seems more acceptable to check the odd message on your watch, rather than pull your phone out of your pocket.

Also, because you've already seen the message on your watch and it allows you to make the decision of replying or not, you’ll probably spend less time on your phone as a result.

7. It passed the toddler test

This is the biggy. Could our resident ‘test toddler’ destroy it with one almighty swipe? Would it drown in dribble? (The phone not the toddler.)

Well, she loved it! Starting and stopping the music was hilarious; as well as walking around with it and talking to the 'ok Google'. Most importantly, neither toddler or watch broke.

8. It makes life easier

Having spent a few days with this as our new companion that’s our conclusion. It needs a phone of course, as it’s pretty limited just on its own. But with the three of you working life out together, your new soul-mates will undoubtably make life that little bit more seamless and slick.

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