Brightec Acquires CommunityLoop

A mock up of the Community Loop app on a phone

We are excited to announce that Brightec has acquired the software tool CommunityLoop.

CommunityLoop is a mobile and web app that enables effective communication within established and growing communities. It was founded by successful entrepreneur and software engineer, Sam Cooke and is being used within several UK Churches.

What Is CommunityLoop?

CommunityLoop is a platform designed to bring people together, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support that goes beyond the boundaries of a physical connection. It takes the form of a mobile application for the community member and an admin website for the administrator. It allows for the creation of hierarchical groups, where information can flow freely down the organisation and within small groups. It has been created with privacy at its core and to enable full GDPR compliance.

Shared Mission

Brightec’s mission is “to be a company that our customers love working with, and our employees love working for”. We exist to build a community of people who love working with and for Brightec. CommunityLoop’s mission is “to use technology to help people feel genuinely connected into real-life communities“. Given the alignment of mission, it was a natural fit for Brightec to acquire the tool and continue to build it for a growing audience.

Mobile Expertise

Brightec is excited to bring over a decade of mobile experience to this product and deliver an exceptional user experience. CommunityLoop is a well-loved and utilised application that will grow under Brightec's product and engineering expertise.

What Is Next?

CommunityLoop will now be operated by a new legal entity called CommLoop Ltd. We are contacting the tool's existing clients to inform them of the change.

A dedicated team will run an initial 6-month Beta Phase to "Understand and validate the potential within the market." We will continue marketing the tool to UK churches while exploring other verticals as they emerge.

If you have any questions or comments or would like to participate in a trial, please contact us via the CommunityLoop website.

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